"warn" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

verbo transitivo
1. advertir (caution)
  • to warn somebody about something -> advertir a alguien de algo
  • to warn somebody against something -> prevenir a alguien contra algo
  • he warned her not to go -> le advirtió que no fuese
  • you have been warned! -> ¡quedas advertido!
2. avisar, advertir (alert, inform)
  • she had been warned in advance -> la habían avisado de antemano

warn [uorn]
1. Precaver, avisar, caucionar (to call, notice, get in).
2. Advertir, aconsejar.
3. Avisar, anticipadamente, prevenir; notificar

warn [wɔːn]
1 (put on guard, urge caution to) advertir; (notify, tell) avisar; advertir
children must be warned about or of the dangers of smoking debe advertirse a los niños de los peligros que conlleva fumar
they didn't warn me about the dog
I did warn you that this would happen ya te avisé or advertí que esto pasaría; I must warn you that my men are armed debo avisarle or advertirle que mis hombres van armados
I'm warning you I won't take much more of this
we must warn them that the police are on their way debemos avisarles or advertirles que la policía está de camino
we must warn them someone has to warn them - go, now!
you have been warned! ¡ya estás avisado!; ¡quedas advertido!; but, be warned, this is not a cheap option pero, quedas avisado or advertido, esta no es una opción barata
to warn sb that it's only fair to warn you that he will be there we must warn her that Mark intends to kill her when I had my first baby friends warned me that children were expensive were you able to warn them [about] the police raid? to warn sb [about] drugs/fireworks his mother warned him about the dangers of drinking too much to warn sb about of the dangers of sth to warn that forecasters warn that more storms are likely they warned that war would not solve their problems analysts warned that Europe's most powerful economy may be facing trouble
2 (counsel) advertir
"don't do anything yet," he warned —no hagas nada todavía —advirtió; to warn sb to do sth advertir or aconsejar a algn que haga algo; people have been warned to stay indoors se ha advertido or aconsejado a la gente que no salga; she warned me not to go out alone at night me advirtió or me aconsejó que no saliera sola por la noche; I warned you not to interfere te advertí que no te entrometieras
children must be warned to stay away from main roads
to warn sb against sth prevenir a algn contra algo
I wish I'd listened to the people who warned me against having the operation she warned me against going to that part of town
he warned us against complacency nos previno contra la autocomplacencia; to warn sb against doing sth aconsejar a algn que no haga algo
3 (admonish)
to warn sb about sth llamar la atención a algn por algo; I've warned you about your behaviour before ya te he llamado la atención por tu comportamiento antes
I shall have to warn him about his persistent lateness he was warned about bullying other boys
to warn about or of sth advertir de algo
he also warned of a possible anti-Western backlash the UN warns of serious consequences if Iraq interferes he does warn about the dangers of isolationism the other side effect that she had been warned about in advance was that of alopecia
he warned against complacency advirtió de las consecuencias de la autocomplacencia; some doctors warn against vitamin supplements during pregnancy algunos médicos desaconsejan el consumo de suplementos vitamínicos durante el embarazo

Verb Conjugations for "warn" (go to advertir)


I warn I warned I will warn
you warn you warned you will warn
he/she warns he/she warned he/she will warn
we warn we warned we will warn
you warn you warned you will warn
they warn they warned they will warn
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