1. (conflict) 
a. la guerra (F) 
The war has cost thousands of soldiers and civilians their lives.La guerra ha costado las vidas de miles de soldados y civiles.
intransitive verb
2. (to fight) 
a. combatir 
The two countries have warred over this land for centuries.Los dos países han combatido por esta tierra durante siglos.
1. (general) 
a. la guerra (F) 
to be at war (with)estar en guerra (con)
to go to war (with/over)entrar en guerra (con/por)
2. (fig) 
a war of wordsuna batalla dialéctica, un combate verbal
3. (fam fig) 
you look as if you've been in the warsparece que volvieras de la guerra
war criminalcriminal de guerra
war crygrito de guerra
war memorialmonumento a los caídos (en la guerra)
war veteranexcombatiente mf
war [wɔːʳ]
guerra (f); lucha (f)
the war against inflation la lucha contra la inflación
to be at war (with) estar en guerra (con)
the period between the wars el período de entreguerras
to declare war (on) declarar la guerra (a)
to go to war (with sb) (over sth) entrar en guerra (con algn) (por algo)
they went off to war singing fueron a la guerra cantando
the Great War la Primera Guerra Mundial
war to the knife guerra (f) a muerte
to make war (on) hacer la guerra (a)
war of nerves guerra (f) de nervios
to wage war with sb hacer la guerra a algn
war of words guerra de palabras
the First/Second World War la Primera/Segunda Guerra Mundial
you've been in the wars! ¡parece que vienes de la guerra!
intransitive verb
combatir; luchar;with con
revulsion and guilt warred within him la repugnancia y el sentimiento de culpabilidad luchaban en su interior
a group of different cultures that warred on each other's borders the central West European capitalist states (the Netherlands, England and France) warred among each other for supremacy within the world economy
de guerra
war chest (n) especially (US) dinero destinado a apoyar una causa
Governor Caperton has the largest campaign war chest ...the flood of money that has been pouring into the Clinton war chest
war clouds (n) nubes (f) de guerra
war correspondent (n) corresponsal (m) de guerra
war crime (n) crimen (m) de guerra
war criminal (n) criminal (m) de guerra
war cry (n) grito (m) de guerra
war dance (n) danza (f) guerrera
the war dead (n) los muertos en campaña
war debt (n) deuda (f) de guerra
war effort (n) esfuerzo (m) bélico
war fever (n) psicosis (f) de guerra
war footing (n)
on a war footing en pie de guerra
war game (n) (Mil) simulacro (m) de guerra; (game) juego (m) de guerra
war hero (n) héroe (m) de guerra
In the film, he plays an old war hero serving out his time as a cook on the USS Missouri
war loan (n) empréstito (m) de guerra
war material (n) material (m) bélico
war memorial (n) monumento (m) a los caídos
War Office (n) (Hist) Ministerio (m) de Guerra
war paint (n) pintura (f) de guerra; (make-up) maquillaje (m)
I see you've got your war paint on
war widow (n) viuda (f) de guerra
the war wounded (n) los heridos de guerra
war zone (n) zona (f) de guerra
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civil war
la guerra civil
cold war
la guerra fría
Spanish Civil War
Guerra Civil española
world war
la guerra mundial
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