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1. (in the act of waiting)
a. la espera (F)
Waiting is the hardest part.La espera es la parte más difícil.
1. espera (f)
  • they are playing a waiting game están dejando que transcurra el tiempo a ver qué pasa
  • waiting list lista (f) de espera
  • waiting room sala (f) de espera
waiting [ˈweɪtɪŋ]
1 espera (f)
the waiting seemed endless la espera parecía interminable; he decided that the waiting had gone on long enough decidió que ya se había esperado bastante
the waiting seemed interminable we're glad the waiting is over
no waiting prohibido aparcar; prohibido estacionarse; especially (LAm)
a prime minister/government in waiting un primer ministro/gobierno en potencia
trying to present himself as a prime minister in waiting, the Labour leader attacked the government if that happened, his status as prime minister in waiting would be destroyed a chance to present his organization to the world as a government in waiting the prime minister/government in waiting ... chief executive in waiting, Nick Parsons
2 (service) servicio (m)
to be in waiting on sb estar de servicio con algn
waiting game (n)
to play a waiting game esperar la ocasión apropiada
waiting list (n) lista (f) de espera
waiting room (n) sala (f) de espera
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