1. (anatomy) 
He stood there looking at me with his hands on his waist. Se quedó ahí parado mirándome con las manos en la cintura.
b. el talle (M) 
It's difficult for him to find clothes that fit because he has a narrow waist.Se le dificulta encontrar ropa que le queda porque tiene un talle angosto.
2. (clothing) 
a. el talle (M) 
After your weight loss we'll need to take the dress in a bit at the waist. Después de tu pérdida de peso hay que achicar un poco el talle del vestido.
No, you can't wear pants with an elastic waist to a formal dance. No, no puedes llevar un pantalón de cintura elástica a un baile formal.
1. (general) 
a. la cintura (F) 
waist [weɪst]
[of person] cintura (f); talle (m); [of dress, skirt] talle (m); (Náut) combés (m); (narrow part) cuello (m);
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grab my waist
agarrarme la cintura
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