1. (promise) 
You have broken your vow to defend the king, therefore you are sentenced to death.Ha roto su promesa de defender al rey, y por ende está usted condenado a muerte.
2. (religious) 
a. el voto (M) (priesthood, marriage) 
I must abide by the vows I took when I donned the habit.Debo cumplir los votos que hice cuando tomé el hábito.
transitive verb
3. (to promise) 
a. jurar 
The knight vowed to avenge the damsel's honor.El caballero juró vengar el honor de la doncella.
b. prometer 
He was so ashamed of how he acted that he vowed never to drink again.Se avergonzó tanto de su comportamiento que prometió no volver a beber jamás.
1. (religion) 
a. el voto (M) 
2. (promise) 
a. la promesa (F) 
to make a vow to do somethingprometer solemnemente hacer algo
to take a vow of poverty/silencehacer voto de pobreza/silencio
transitive verb
3. (general) 
a. prometer solemnemente, jurar 
to vow to do somethingjurar hacer algo
vow [vaʊ]
(Rel) voto (m); (promise) promesa (f); compromiso (m)
lovers' vows promesas (f) solemnes de los amantes
to take make a vow she made a vow," he recalled think things through before you take any vows
to take or make a vow that ... jurar or prometer que ...
she made a vow that she would never touch another drop of alcohol she made a vow that she would take on the government and win
to take or make a vow to do sth jurar hacer algo; comprometerse a hacer algo
he made a vow to seek the Grail I made a silent vow to be more careful in the future
to break one's vow faltar a un compromiso; to take one's vows (Rel) hacer sus votos (monásticos)
a vow of poverty/chastity
to take a vow of poverty/chastity hacer voto de pobreza/castidad
transitive verb
[+obedience, allegiance] jurar; prometer
to vow to do sth jurar hacer algo; comprometerse a hacer algo; to vow that ... jurar or prometer que ...
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