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transitive verb
1. to vote for (partido, candidato); to vote on (ley)
  • ¿qué has votado, sí o no? how did you vote, yes or no?
2. to pass, to approve (aprobar) (by vote)
intransitive verb
3. to vote
  • votar a favor de/en contra de alguien (by vote) to vote for/against somebody
  • votar por to vote for; (emitir un voto por) to be in favor of (figurative) (estar a favor de)
  • yo voto por ir a la playa I'm for going to the beach
  • votar por que… to vote (that)…
  • votar en blanco to return a blank ballot paper
transitive verb
1 (Política) [+candidato, partido] to vote for; [+moción, proyecto de ley] to pass; approve (by vote)
Pérez fue el más votado Pérez received the highest number of votes; Pérez got most votes
2 (Religión) to vow; promise;a to
intransitive verb
1 (Política) to vote;por for
2 (Religión) to vow; take a vow
3 (echar pestes) to curse; swear
Verb Conjugations for votar
Gerund: votando
Participle: votado
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