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feminine noun
1. will, willpower (determinación)
  • tiene mucha/poca (fuerza de) voluntad she has a very strong/weak will
  • voluntad de hierro iron will
2. will (deseo)
  • no existe la voluntad política de resolver el problema there isn't the political will to solve the problem
  • contra la voluntad de alguien against somebody's will
  • por causas ajenas a mi voluntad for reasons beyond my control
  • por voluntad propia of one's own free will
  • última voluntad last will and testament
3. intention (intención)
  • buena voluntad goodwill
  • mala voluntad ill will
4. free will (albedrío)
  • a voluntad as much as one likes (cuanto se quiere)
  • ¿qué le debo? — la voluntad what do I owe you? — whatever you think fit
1 (capacidad decisoria) will
no tiene voluntad propia he has no will of his own; por voluntad propia of one's own volition o free will
2 (deseo) wish
su voluntad es hacerse misionero his wish is to become a missionary; no lo dije con voluntad de ofenderle I did not say it with any wish to offend you; I had no desire to offend you; última voluntad last wish; (Jur) last will and testament; lo hizo contra mi voluntad he did it against my will; tienen voluntad de ganar they have the will to win
no tienen voluntad de acuerdo
hágase tu voluntad (Religión) Thy will be done; por causas ajenas a mi voluntad for reasons beyond my control; hace siempre su santa voluntad he always does exactly as he pleases
voluntad divina divine will
voluntad popular will of the people
3 (determinación) (also fuerza de voluntad) willpower
le cuesta, pero tiene mucha voluntad it's difficult for him, but he has a lot of willpower o a strong will; no tiene voluntad para dejar de beber he hasn't the willpower to give up drinking; es una chica con mucha voluntad she's a very strong-willed girl; hace falta voluntad para escucharlo hasta el final you need a strong will to listen to it right through
voluntad débil weak will
voluntad de hierro voluntad férrea iron will
4 (disposición) will
buena voluntad
lo solucionaremos con un poco de buena voluntad with a bit of good will we'll find a solution
tiene muy buena voluntad, pero no sirve para estudiar
lo sugerí con buena voluntad I suggested it with the best of intentions; I suggested it in good faith; los hombres de buena voluntad (Religión) men of goodwill
mala voluntad
hay muy mala voluntad contra el presidente there is a lot of ill will against the president
los agresores iban armados y con mala voluntad lo dijo con mala voluntad
ganar(se) la voluntad de algn to win sb over
a voluntad at will
se abre a voluntad it opens at will; se puede beber a voluntad you can drink as much as you like
la voluntad (dinero)
un mendigo le pidió la voluntad a beggar asked him if he could spare some money; cada uno da la voluntad para contribuir al regalo everyone is free to contribute what they want towards the present; —¿cuánto es? —la voluntad "how much is it?" — "as much as you think it's worth"
7 (afecto) fondness; affection
tener voluntad a algn to be fond of sb; feel affection for sb
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