"visitar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to visit (en general)
  • el médico visitó al paciente -> the doctor called on o visited the patient

visitar [ve-se-tar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To visit, to pay a visit; to visit a temple or church, to visit a patient as physician.
2. To make a judicial visit, search, or survey; to try weights and measures.
3. To search ships; to examine prisons.
4. To travel, to traverse many countries.
5. To inform oneself personally of anything.
6. To appear, as a celestial spirit.
7. To frequent a place.
8. To visit religious persons and establishments as an ecclesiastical judge.
9. To send a special counsel from heaven. (Theology)
10. (Law.) To make an abstract of the charge against a prisoner at visitation.
verb reflexive
11. To visit, to keep up the intercourse of ceremonial salutations at the houses of each other.
12. To absent oneself from the choir.
  • Visitar los altares -> to pray before each altar for some pious purpose

(gen) to visit; (brevemente) to call on
fuimos a visitar a mis tíos we went to visit my aunt and uncle; 5.000 personas han visitado ya la exposición 5,000 people have already visited the exhibition
el médico está visitando the doctor is holding his surgery
1 [+personas] to visit each other
2 (Med) to attend the doctor's surgery

Verb Conjugations for "visitar" (go to to visit)


yo visito visité visitaba visitaría visitaré
visitas visitaste visitabas visitarías visitarás
él/ella/Ud. visita visitó visitaba visitaría visitará
nosotros visitamos visitamos visitábamos visitaríamos visitaremos
vosotros visitáis visitasteis visitabais visitaríais visitaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. visitan visitaron visitaban visitarían visitarán
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