virote [ve-ro'-tay]
1. Shaft, dart, arrow. (m)
2. Dude, fop, a showy, vain young man; inflated person. (m)
3. A long iron rod fastened to a collar on the neck of a slave, who showed an intention of running away. (m)
4. Vine three years old. (Province; Provinicial) (m)
5. A puffed-up man, too serious and erratic. (m)
6. A carnival trick. (m)
  • Mirar por el virote -> (Met.) to be attentive to one’s own concerns or convenience

1 (flecha) arrow
2 (México) (pan) bread roll
3 (señorito) hooray Henry (familiar)
4 (And) (México) (tonto) simpleton

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