1. virgin (en general); blank (cinta); unused (película)
masculine or feminine noun
2. virgin (persona)
feminine noun
3. Madonna (Arte)
  • la virgen (religion) -> the Virgin (Mary)

virgen [veer’-hen]
1. Virgin, maid. (m)
2. Anything in its pure and primitive state.
  • Cera virgen -> virgin wax
  • Plata virgen -> native silver
3. One of the upright posts, between which the beam of an oil-mill moves. (f)
4. The Holy Virgin Mary; image of the Virgin. (f)
5. A nun. (f)
  • Vírgenes -> nuns vowed to chastity
Man who has not had carnal connection with a woman.

virgenvírgenes (plural)
[+persona] virgin; [+cinta] blank; [+película] unexposed;
virgin; (Religión)
la Virgen the Virgin; la Virgen de las Angustias Our Lady of Sorrows; la Santísima Virgen the Blessed Virgin; ¡Santísima Virgen! by all that's holy!
aparecérsele la Virgen a algn
se le apareció la Virgen he got his big chance; he struck lucky (familiar)
ser (devoto) de la Virgen del Puño to be very tight-fisted
ser un viva la Virgen
es un viva la Virgen he doesn't give a damn (muy_familiar); he doesn't care one bit (familiar)

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