1. (physical force) 
The protest erupted in violence as the police arrived to control the crowd.La protesta irrumpió con violencia mientras llegaba la policía para controlar la multitud.
2. (vehemence) 
The ship sank due to the violence of wind and waves.El barco se hundió por la violencia del viento y las olas.
1. (general) 
a. la violencia (F) 
violence [ˈvaɪələns]
(gen) violencia (f)
he thinks the only way to solve a problem is with violence
an act of violence un acto de violencia; crimes of violence delitos (m) violentos; to do violence to sb agredir a algn; to do violence to sth estropear algo
To sentimentalise Hardy is to do violence to his achievements as a writer
to resort to violence recurrir a la violencia or a la fuerza; robbery with violence robo (m) con violencia
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