1. (despicable) 
a. vil (literary) 
Police described the attack on a defenseless old lady as "vile and cowardly."La policía calificó al ataque a una anciana indefensa como "vil y cobarde".
b. infame 
The vile acts commited by this regime are now coming to light.Las infames acciones perpetradas por el régimen están saliendo ahora a la luz.
2. (extremely unpleasant) 
a. pésimo 
If you want to know, ask her yourself. She's is in a vile mood today.Si quieres saberlo, pregúntaselo tú mismo. Hoy está de un humor pésimo.
b. infame 
The weather was vile the whole weekend, with freezing wind and driving rain.Hizo un tiempo infame todo el fin de semana, con vientos helados y una lluvia torrencial.
c. de perros (colloquial) 
The boss was in a vile temper and took it out on all of us.El jefe estaba de un humor de perros y se desquitó con todos nosotros.
3. (colloquial) (revolting) 
a. asqueroso (colloquial) 
I don't know what's in this soup but it tastes vile.No sé que pusieron en la sopa pero tiene un sabor asqueroso.
I drank some water to get rid of the vile taste of the medicine.Tomé un poco de agua para quitarme el sabor repugnante de la medicina.
1. (despicable) 
a. vil 
2. (colloquial) 
a. horroroso(a), espantoso(a) (awful) 
vile [vaɪl]
1 (base, evil) [+person, behaviour, attack, regime] vil; infame
She would have felt sorry for him if he hadn't been such a vile old man surely no one can defend such vile behaviour as this? They were tangible proof of the atrocities perpetrated by a vile regime The statement described his government as a vile regime It showed his frustration over the vile attacks of the left parties' on the armed forces But rape is a vile crime which destroys the lives of its victims
[+language] abominable
One witness said: "Their language was vile"
he was vile to her se portó de un modo infame con ella
2 (disgusting) [+conditions] miserable; infame
Prisoners were held in vile conditions
[+weather] pésimo; infame
The vile weather kept the boats in the harbour
[+smell, taste] repugnante
The smell when he took the top off was just vile A vile odour, like the halitosis of an old dog, rolled over him in waves He drank a pint of water just to wash away the vile taste
it smelled/tasted vile tenía un olor/sabor repugnante; to be in a vile mood estar de pésimo humor; estar de un humor de mil demonios (informal); he has a vile temper tiene un genio muy violento; tiene un genio de mil demonios (informal)
She was a woman with a vile, simmering temper
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