vieja [ve-ah’-oh, hah]
  • a -> 1. Old, stricken in years. 2. Ancient, antiquated. 3. Applied to a youth of judgment and knowledge beyond his years.
  • Cuentos de viejas -> old woman's stories
  • Perro viejo -> (Coll.) a keen, clever, experienced person; old dog
  • Viejo como el mundo -> as old as the hills
  • Hacerse viejo -> to grow old
1. Old person. (f)
2. Mi viejo, my dad. (f)

1 (anciana) old woman
la vieja (madre) my mum (familiar); (esposa) my old woman (familiar)
3 (S. Cone) (petardo) cracker; squib
4 (México) [de cigarro] cigar stub

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