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1. (film)
a. el video (M)(Latin America)
We watched a video online to learn how to sew.Miramos un video en línea para aprender a coser.
b. el vídeo (M)(Spain)
The video of the monkeys is really funny.El vídeo de los monos es muy cómico.
transitive verb
2. (to film)
a. grabar en video
Dad plans to video the entire recital.Papá planea grabar el recital entero en video.
sustantivo (pl videos)
1. vídeo (m) (medium)video (m) (Am); cinta (f) de vídeo ; (aparato (m) de) vídeo (m)
  • to have something on video(cassette)(recorder) tener algo (grabado) en vídeo
  • video cameracámara (f) de vídeo
  • video cassettecinta (f) de vídeo
  • video cassette recorderaparato (m) de vídeo (m)
  • video clipvideoclip (m) , vídeo (m)
  • video recorder(aparato (m) de) vídeo
  • video gamevideojuego (m)
transitive verb
2. grabar (en vídeo or (record)video) (Am)
3. hacer un vídeo or (film)video de (Am)
video [ˈvɪdɪəʊ]
1 (also video recorder) aparato (m) de vídeo; vídeo (m); video (m); (LAm)
it's about time we bought a new video have you got the instructions/guarantee for the video? children can often operate the video better than their parents.
2 (also video cassette) videocinta (f); cinta (f) de vídeo or video; (LAm) vídeo (m); video (m); (LAm)
it's out on video ha salido en vídeo
we bought the video of 101 Dalmations shall we hire a video for the weekend? you can get blank 4-hour videos for one pound
transitive verb
grabar en vídeo or video; (LAm)
video arcade (n) salón (m) recreativo de videojuegos
The most common application of virtual reality has been in video arcades
video call (n) videollamada (f)
video camera (n) videocámara (f)
video cassette (n)
video cassette recorder (n)
video club (n) videoclub (m)
video conference (n) videoconferencia (f)
video conferencing (n) videoconferencia (f)
video diary (n) (TV) diario (m) en vídeo
video disk (n) videodisco (m)
video film (n) película (f) de vídeo; videofilm (m)
video frequency (n) videofrecuencia (f)
video game (n) videojuego (m)
video library (n) videoteca (f)
video nasty (n) (horror film) videofilm (m) de horror; (pornography) videofilm (m) porno (informal)
video piracy (n) videopiratería (f)
video recorder (n) aparato (m) de vídeo; vídeo (m); video (m); (LAm)
video recording (n) (act) videograbación (f); (object) grabación (f) de vídeo
video shop (n) videoclub (m)
video wall (n) vídeo-panel (m); (Esp) panel (m) de vídeo
...56 vast television screens that will create a "video wall" spelling out "CLINTON" hundreds of times
usage note
This word may also be spelled "vídeo."
masculine noun
1. (general)(Latin America)
a. video
Beto tiene una impresionante colección de videos que tomó cuando estaba en Brasil.Beto has an impressive collection of videos that he took when he was in Brazil.
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