masculine noun
1. executioner (de preso); hangman (que ahorca)
2. tyrant (tirano)
3. balaclava helmet (pasamontañas)

verdugo [ver-doo’-go]
1. The young shoot of a tree. (m)
2. Rapier, a long, narrow sword. (m)
3. Welt, mark of a lash on the skin (látigo). (m)
4. Hangman, executioner, herdsman. (m)
5. Things which afflict the mind (tormento). (m)
6. Very cruel person. (m)
7. Row of bricks in a stone or mud wall. (Architecture) (m)
8. Small rings for the cars, hoop. (m)
9. Leathern whip. (Military) (m)

1 (ejecutor) executioner; (en la horca) hangman
2 (tirano) cruel master; tyrant; (atormentador) tormentor
3 (látigo) lash
4 (tormento) torment
5 (cardenal) welt; weal
6 (Botánica) shoot
7 (estoque) rapier
8 (pasamontañas) balaclava

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