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feminine noun
1. window (de edificio)
  • echar o tirar algo por la ventana (figurative) to let something go to waste
  • ventana de socorro emergency exit (window)
2. nostril (de nariz)
3. window (computing)
  • ventana activa active window
  • ventana de diálogo dialog o dialogue box (British)
1 (Construcción) window
doble ventana double-glazed window; tirar algo por la ventana to throw sth out of the window; to throw sth away; fail to make any use of sth
ventana aislante double-glazed window
ventana de guillotina sash window
ventana salediza bay window
ventana vidriera picture window
ventanas dobles double glazing
; (s)
2 [de nariz] nostril
3 (Informática) window
ventana emergente (Informática) pop-up (window)
4 (And) (claro de bosque) forest clearing; glade
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