"vendio" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to sell
  • vender algo a o por -> to sell something for
  • venden naranjas a 2 euros el kilo -> they're selling oranges for 2 euros a kilo
  • es capaz de vender a su madre -> he'd sell his own mother
  • es capaz de vender su alma al diablo por triunfar -> he'd sell his soul to the Devil if that's what it took to be successful
intransitive verb
2. to sell (producto, autor)
pronomial verb
1. to be sold o on sale (ser vendido)
  • se vende -> for sale (en letrero)
2. to sell oneself, to be bribed (dejarse sobornar)

vender [ven-derr’]
article & verb transitive
1. To sell, to vend.
2. To expose for sale.
3. To soil, to betray for money, to prostitute, to devote to crimes for a reward.
4. To render dear or difficult.
5. To persuade, to delude with false pretences.
6. To betray faith, confidence, or friendship. (Metaphorical)
  • Vender salud -> (Coll.) to be or appear very robust
  • Vender por mayor, to sell in the lump, or by wholesale. Vender al por meno -> or a destajo, to sell at retail
verb reflexive
7. To boast of talents or merits one does not possess.
8. To devote oneself to the service of another.
  • Venderse caro -> to be of difficult access
  • Venderse barato -> to make oneself cheap
  • Vender cara la vida -> to fight desperately
  • Vender al contado -> to sell for cash
  • Vender a plazo -> to sell on credit
  • Vender gato por liebre -> to sell a cat for a hare (to deceive in the quality of things sold)

1 [+producto] to sell
venden la bicicleta a mitad de precio they are selling the bicycle at half price; lo vendieron por 50 euros they sold it for 50 euros
las vende a 1.000 la pieza
venderle algo a algn to sell sb sth; sell sth to sb; me ha vendido un ordenador he sold me a computer; vender al contado to sell for cash; vender al por mayor to sell wholesale; vender al por menor to sell retail; este coche está sin vender this car remains unsold
¡a mí que las vendo! I'm not falling for that one!
2 (traicionar) [+amigo] to betray; sell out (familiar); [+cómplice] to shop (familiar)
to sell
los buenos productos siempre venden a good product will always sell; vendemos a precios inmejorables our prices are unbeatable
1 [+producto] to sell; be sold
este artículo se vende muy bien this item is selling very well; se vende en farmacias it is sold in chemists'; el cuadro se vendió por cuatro millones the painting sold o was sold for four million; se vendían a diez euros en el mercado they were selling at o for ten euros in the market; es buen político, pero no sabe venderse he's a good politician but he doesn't know how to sell himself
se vende for sale
se vende coche car for sale
venderse caro to play hard to get
2 (dejarse corromper) to sell out; (dejarse sobornar) to accept a bribe
le acusaron de venderse a las multinacionales they accused him of selling out to the multinationals; el árbitro se vendió the referee accepted a bribe
3 (traicionarse) to give o.s. away

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