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transitive verb
1. to sell
  • vender algo a o por to sell something for
  • venden naranjas a 2 euros el kilo they're selling oranges for 2 euros a kilo
  • es capaz de vender a su madre he'd sell his own mother
  • es capaz de vender su alma al diablo por triunfar he'd sell his soul to the Devil if that's what it took to be successful
intransitive verb
2. to sell (producto, autor)
pronominal verb
1. to be sold o on sale (ser vendido)
  • se vende for sale (en letrero)
2. to sell oneself, to be bribed (dejarse sobornar)
transitive verb
1 [+producto] to sell
venden la bicicleta a mitad de precio they are selling the bicycle at half price; lo vendieron por 50 euros they sold it for 50 euros
las vende a 1.000 la pieza
venderle algo a algn to sell sb sth; sell sth to sb; me ha vendido un ordenador he sold me a computer; vender al contado to sell for cash; vender al por mayor to sell wholesale; vender al por menor to sell retail; este coche está sin vender this car remains unsold
¡a mí que las vendo! I'm not falling for that one!
2 (traicionar) [+amigo] to betray; sell out (familiar); [+cómplice] to shop (familiar)
intransitive verb
to sell
los buenos productos siempre venden a good product will always sell; vendemos a precios inmejorables our prices are unbeatable
pronominal verb
1 [+producto] to sell; be sold
este artículo se vende muy bien this item is selling very well; se vende en farmacias it is sold in chemists'; el cuadro se vendió por cuatro millones the painting sold o was sold for four million; se vendían a diez euros en el mercado they were selling at o for ten euros in the market; es buen político, pero no sabe venderse he's a good politician but he doesn't know how to sell himself
se vende for sale
se vende coche car for sale
venderse caro to play hard to get
2 (dejarse corromper) to sell out; (dejarse sobornar) to accept a bribe
le acusaron de venderse a las multinacionales they accused him of selling out to the multinationals; el árbitro se vendió the referee accepted a bribe
3 (traicionarse) to give o.s. away
Verb Conjugations for vender
Gerund: vendiendo
Participle: vendido
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