velum [ˈviːləm]
vela (plural) [ˈviːlə] velo (m) del paladar

feminine noun
1. candle (para dar luz)
  • estar a dos velas (informal figurative) -> not to have two halfpennies to rub together
  • quedarse a dos velas (informal figurative) -> to be left none the wiser
  • ¿quién te ha dado vela en este entierro? (informal figurative) -> who asked you to butt in?, who asked you to stick your oar in? (British)
2. sail (de barco)
  • a toda vela -> under full sail
  • vela mayor -> mainsail
3. sailing (sport)
  • hacer vela -> to go sailing
  • vela deportiva -> sailing
4. vigil (vigilia)
  • pasar la noche en vela -> to stay awake all night; (adrede) to have a sleepless night (desvelado)
plural feminine noun
1. snot (informal) (mocos)

vela [vay’-lah]
1. Watch, attendance without sleep, vigil (vigilia). (f)
2. Watchfulness (despierto), vigilance. (f)
3. Watchman, night-guard. (f)
4. Pilgrimage. (f)
6. Candle (candela).
  • Velas de molde -> mould candles
  • Velas de cera -> wax candles
  • Velas de sebo -> tallow candles
7. Night-work in offices (trabajo nocturno).
8. Awning.
9. Sail (deporte), ship.
10. Erect ear of a horse or other animal.
11. Sail, sheet. (Nautical)
12. Wing or arm of a windmill.
13. Devout waiting by order, hours, or turn before the most sacred sacrament.
14. Wake (velorio). (Ante Meridian & Central America & Caribbean) (m)
15. (Cono Sur) Nuisance (molestia). (m)
16. Telling off (bronca). (Caribbean & Mexico) (m)
  • Vela mayor -> main-sail
  • Vela de gavia -> main-top sail
  • Vela de sobremesana -> mizzen-top-sail
  • Vela de juanete mayor -> main-top-gallant-sail
  • Vela de juanete de proa -> fore-top-gallant-sail
  • Vela de estay -> stay sail
  • Velas de proa -> head-sails
  • Velas de popa -> after sails
  • Velas mayores -> courses
  • Vela de cruz -> a square-sail
  • Vela de lustrar -> port-sail
  • Caída de una vela -> drop or depth of a sail
  • Gratil de una vela -> head of a sail
  • Vela cazada, trimmed sail. Vela larg -> or desaferrada, unfurled sail
  • Vela cargada arrib -> or sobre las candelizas, a sail hauled up in the brails
  • Vela tendida -> taut or full sail
  • Vela que flamea -> sail which shivers in the wind
  • Vela cuadrada -> square-sail
  • Marear una vela -> to set a sail
  • Hacerse a la vela -> to set a sail
  • En vela -> vigilantly, without sleep
  • Alzar velas -> (a) to raise sail, to make ready to sail; (b) (Met.) to disappear carrying off one’s effects
  • Apocar las velas -> to take in sail, to shorten sail

1 [de cera] candle
estar a dos velas (sin enterarse) to be in the dark; (sin dinero) to be broke (familiar)
encender o poner una vela a Dios y otra al diablo to have it both ways
no se puede encender o poner una vela a Dios y otra al diablo
¿quién te dio vela en este entierro? who asked you to butt in?
vela de sebo tallow candle
2 (vigilia)
estar en vela to be unable to get to sleep; pasar la noche en vela to have a sleepless night
3 (moco) bogey (familiar)
4 (Taur) horn
5 (trabajo nocturno) night work; (Mil) (period of) sentry duty
6 (Latinoamérica) (velorio) wake
7 (S. Cone) (molestia) nuisance
¡qué vela! what a nuisance!
aguantar la vela (soportar) to put up with it; (plantar cara) to face the music (familiar)
8 (Caribe) (México) (bronca) telling-off (familiar)
(Náutica) sail; (deporte) sailing
barco de vela sailing ship
darse o hacerse a la vela largar las velas to set sail; get under way
hacer vela to go sailing
a toda vela a velas desplegadas under full sail; vigorously; energetically
arriar o recoger velas (retractarse) to back down; (abandonar) to give up; chuck it in (familiar)
estar a dos velas to be broke (familiar); be skint (muy_familiar)
estar entre dos velas
ir a la vela
to be half-seas over (muy_familiar)
ir como las velas (S. Cone) to drive very fast
plegar velas to slow down
vela balón spinnaker
vela mayor mainsail

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