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1. hortaliza (f) (plant)
  • vegetables verdura (f) , verduras (f pl)
  • eat up your vegetables cómete la verdura
  • vegetable garden huerto (m)
  • vegetable oil aceite (m) vegetal
2. vegetal (m) (brain-damaged person)
vegetable [ˈvedʒɪtəbl]
1 (Bot) vegetal (m); planta (f); (Cookery) (food) hortaliza (f); verdura (f)
we grow a few vegetables in our garden tenemos plantadas algunas verduras or hortalizas en el jardín
many vegetables are quite easy to grow
green vegetables verdura(s) (f)
; (p)
diced vegetables menestra (f) de verduras; vegetables are an important part of the diet la verdura es or las hortalizas son una parte importante de la dieta; come along, eat up your vegetables! ¡vamos, cómete la verdura!
why is it that children don't like eating vegetables? we need to buy some vegetables we buy our fresh vegetables in the market vegetables should not be overcooked or they lose their vitamins
2 (human vegetable) vegetal (m)
vegetable dish (n) (food) plato (m) de verdura(s); (vessel) fuente (f) de verdura(s)
vegetable fat (n) grasa (f) vegetal
vegetable garden (n) (big) huerta (f); (small) huerto (m)
the vegetable kingdom (n) el reino vegetal
vegetable marrow (n) especially (Britain) calabacín (m)
vegetable matter (n) materia (f) vegetal
vegetable oil (n) aceite (m) vegetal
vegetable patch (n) huerto (m); huertecito (m)
vegetable salad (n) ensalada (f) verde; macedonia (f) de verduras con mayonesa; ensaladilla (f) rusa
vegetable soup (n) sopa (f) de verduras
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