vamos a comer

vamos a comer
1. (we'll be having the midday meal) (Mexico) (Spain) 
El sábado vamos a comer a un restaurante Chino.We'll be having lunch at a Chinese restaurant on Saturday.
Son ya las dos. Vamos a comer tardísimo.It's already two o'clock. We're going to have a very late lunch.
Niños, sentaos a la mesa, que vamos a comer.Children, please sit at the table. We're about to start eating lunch.
2. (let us have the midday meal) (Mexico) (Spain) 
Vamos a comer fuera de casa. No tengo ganas de cocinar.Let's have lunch out. I don't feel like cooking.
3. (we'll be having for the midday meal) (Mexico) (Spain) 
Hoy vamos a comer la carne y mañana el pescado.We'll be having the meat for lunch today and the fish tomorrow.
4. (we'll be having the evening meal) (Latin America) 
Acuérdate de que esta noche vamos a comer a casa de mis padres.Don't forget that we'll be having dinner at my parents' tonight.
Tengo que llamar a la baby-sitter porque, en nuestro aniversario, nos vamos a comer por ahí.I've got to call the baby-sitter because, on our anniversary, we're going to have dinner out.
Todo el mundo a lavarse las manos, que vamos a comer.Everyone, wash your hands. We're about to start eating dinner.
5. (let us have the evening meal) (Latin America) 
Vamos a comer en la terraza. Hace una noche muy agradable.Let's have dinner on the terrace. It's a very pleasant evening.
6. (we'll be having for the evening meal) (Latin America) 
Vamos a comer lo que sobró del mediodía.We'll be having the leftovers from lunch for dinner.
7. (we're going to eat) 
Para merendar vamos a comer solo unas galletas. Algo que no les quite el hambre a los niños.We'll be just eating some cookies at tea time. Something that doesn't make the children lose their appetite.
8. (let us eat) 
a. let's eat 
Vamos a comer ese melón ahora, que si no se estropea.Let's eat that melon now; otherwise it'll go off.
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