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uvas is the plural form of uva.
feminine noun
1. grape
  • de uvas a perasonce in a blue moon
  • estar de mala uvato be in a bad mood
  • tener mala uvato be a bad sort, to be a nasty piece of work
  • uvas de la suerte= grapes eaten for good luck as midnight chimes on New Year's Eve
  • nos van a dar las uvaswe're going to be here for ever!, this is taking for ever!
1 grape
las doce uvas las uvas de la suerte twelve grapes eaten at midnight on New-Year's Eve
de uvas a peras once in a blue moon
ir de uvas a peras to change the subject for no reason
entrar a por uvas to take the plunge
estar de mala uva (España) to be in a bad mood
tener muy mala uva to be a nasty piece of work (familiar)
estar hecho una uva to be as drunk as a lord
uva blanca green grape; white grape
uva crespa gooseberry
uva de Corinto currant
uva de gato (Botánica) stonecrop
uva espina gooseberry
uva moscatel muscatel grape
uva negra black grape
uva pasa raisin
uvas de mesa dessert grapes
uvas verdes sour grapes
2 (vino) wine; (bebida) drink in general; (in general)
3 (S. Cone) (beso) kiss
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