1. (immediate) 
a. urgente 
When Cecilia had her accident, we took her to the urgent care center.Cuando Cecilia se accidentó la llevamos al centro de cuidados urgentes.
We have an urgent need to protect ourselves from future floods.Tenemos una necesidad apremiante de protegernos contra futuras inundaciones.
c. inmediato 
The refugee crisis requires urgent attention.La crisis de refugiados requiere atención inmediata.
2. (persistent) 
The urgent tone of the charity's appeal motivated a lot of people to make a donation.El tono insistente del llamamiento de la organización benéfica motivó a mucha gente a hacer una donación.
1. (general) 
a. urgente 
to be in urgent need of somethingnecesitar algo urgentemente
this is urgentes urgente
urgent [ˈɜːdʒənt]
1 (imperative) [+matter, business, case, message] urgente
he needs urgent medical treatment necesita tratamiento médico urgente or urgentemente; is this urgent? ¿es urgente?; ¿corre prisa esto?
the matter needs urgent attention
it is urgent that I see him tengo que verlo urgentemente; there is an urgent need for water se necesita urgentemente agua; hay una necesidad apremiante de agua; to be in urgent need of sth necesitar algo urgentemente
these people are in urgent need of help he looked in urgent need of a shave he felt an urgent need to go to the toilet
2 (earnest, persistent) [+tone] de urgencia; insistente; [+voice] insistente; [+plea, appeal] urgente
Mum had now arrived and was talking in a hushed, urgent tone with the doctor he answered in a low urgent voice she spoke in a hushed, urgent voice as if she were phoning the police to report a crime the prime inister has made an urgent appeal for international aid
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urgent care
atención primaria urgente
urgent calls only
solo llamadas urgentes
urgent care center
la clínica de urgencias
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