1. (general) 
a. urgente 
to be in urgent need of somethingnecesitar algo urgentemente
this is urgentes urgente
urgent [ˈɜːdʒənt]
1 (imperative) [+matter, business, case, message] urgente
he needs urgent medical treatment necesita tratamiento médico urgente or urgentemente; is this urgent? ¿es urgente?; ¿corre prisa esto?
the matter needs urgent attention
it is urgent that I see him tengo que verlo urgentemente; there is an urgent need for water se necesita urgentemente agua; hay una necesidad apremiante de agua; to be in urgent need of sth necesitar algo urgentemente
these people are in urgent need of help he looked in urgent need of a shave he felt an urgent need to go to the toilet
2 (earnest, persistent) [+tone] de urgencia; insistente; [+voice] insistente; [+plea, appeal] urgente
Mum had now arrived and was talking in a hushed, urgent tone with the doctor he answered in a low urgent voice she spoke in a hushed, urgent voice as if she were phoning the police to report a crime the prime inister has made an urgent appeal for international aid
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