transitive verb
1. (computing) 
a. cargar 
You can upload and share your photos on this website.Puedes cargar y compartir tus fotos en este sitio web.
b. subir 
If you are uploading large files, you will need a fast Internet connection.Si vas a subir archivos grandes, necesitarás una conexión rápida a Internet.
2. (computing) 
a. la carga (F) 
You will receive confirmation that the upload has been successful.Se te confirmará que la carga ha sido correcta.
b. la subida (F) 
There was a message saying the upload had failed.Había un mensaje que decía que hubo un error en la subida.
transitive verb
1. (computers) 
a. cargar, subir 
upload [ʌpˈləʊd]
transitive verb
(Comput) subir; poner
There are sounds and video clips of Harleys to download, or you can upload a picture of your Harley ...sites on the web where you can place and reply to lonely hearts ads, including one where you can even upload a short video of yourself ...a German man who spent eight hours a day uploading pornography into the system
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