1. (up till) 
a. hasta 
I will stay at their house until Sunday.Me quedaré en su casa hasta el domingo.
2. (before) 
a. hasta (Central America) (Mexico) 
We don't close until 8pm. If you hurry, you'll make it. Cerramos hasta las 8pm. Si te apuras, todavía llegas.
3. (up till) 
a. hasta que 
Until he left his country, he had never felt homesick for his mother's cooking. Hasta que se fue de su país, no había sentido nostalgia por la comida de su mamá.
4. (before) 
a. hasta que 
You can't go out tonight until you finish your homework.No podrás salir esta noche hasta que no termines tus deberes.
1. (general) 
a. hasta 
until ten o'clockhasta las diez
until nowhasta ahora
not until tomorrowhasta mañana, no
2. (general) 
a. hasta que 
until she gets backhasta que vuelva
we waited until the rain stoppedesperamos a que escampara
he won't come until he's invitedno vendrá mientras no lo invitemos
until [ənˈtɪl]
until ten hasta las diez; until his arrival hasta su llegada; he won't be back until tomorrow no volverá hasta mañana; from morning until night desde la mañana hasta la noche; until now hasta ahora; it's never been a problem until now hasta ahora nunca ha sido un problema; until then hasta entonces; until then I'd never been to Italy hasta entonces no había estado nunca en Italia
1 (in future) hasta que
wait until I get back espera hasta que yo vuelva; until they build the new road hasta que construyan la nueva carretera; until they come/sleep hasta que vengan/se duerman; he won't come until you invite him no vendrá hasta que (no) lo invites; they did nothing until we came no hicieron nada hasta que (no) vinimos nosotros; I don't get up until eight o'clock no me levanto antes de las ocho
do nothing until I tell you do nothing until you get my letter wait until you get my letter don't start until I come
2 (in past) hasta que
he did nothing until I told him to no hizo nada hasta que yo se lo dije; no hizo nada hasta que no se lo dije; until they built the new road hasta que construyeron la nueva carretera; we stayed there until the doctor came nos quedamos allí hasta que vino el médico
he laughed until he cried
we didn't stop until we reached York no paramos hasta llegar a York
As with other time conjunctions, hasta que is used with the subjunctive if the action which follows hasn't happened yet or hadn't happened at the time of speaking:
Go on stirring until the sauce is cold Sigue removiendo hasta que se enfríe la salsa
I shan't be happy until you come No estaré contenta hasta que (no) vengas
When the main clause is negative, no can optionally be given in the hasta que clause without changing the meaning.
Hasta que is used with the indicative when the action in the hasta que clause has already taken place:
He lived in this house until he died Vivió en esta casa hasta que murió
I didn't see her again until she returned to London No volví a verla hasta que (no) regresó a Londres
Hasta que is also used with the indicative when describing habitual actions:
I never wake up until the alarm goes off Nunca me despierto hasta que (no) suena el despertador
Instead of hasta que + verb, you can use hasta with an infinitive when the subject of both clauses is the same:
Go on stirring until you get a thick creamy mixture Sigue removiendo hasta obtener una crema espesa
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