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1. universal
  • universal suffrage sufragio (m) universal
universal [ˌjuːnɪˈvɜːsəl]
1 (general) [+agreement, acceptance] general; global
the closures met with universal condemnation los cierres provocaron la condena general or unánime; its use has been universal since 1900 se usa en todas partes or globalmente desde 1900; her writing has universal appeal su forma de escribir atrae a todo el mundo; a universal truth una verdad universal; una verdad aceptada por todos or por todo el mundo; to become universal generalizarse
there is universal agreement that... universal access to health care
2 (worldwide) [+law, language] universal
the threat of universal destruction la amenaza de la destrucción mundial
the universal laws of supply and demand the hidden universal laws which are supposed to rule nature and man
universal donor (n) donante (m) universal
universal joint (n) (Téc) junta (f) cardán or universal
universal product code (n) (US) código (m) de barras
universal suffrage (n) sufragio (m) universal
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