1. (hideous) 
a. feo 
He went through an ugly phase in high school. Pasó una etapa de ser feo en el colegio.
2. (unpleasant) 
They faced an ugly defeat at the Battle of Manassas. Enfrentaron una derrota desagradable en la batalla de Manassas.
1. (in appearance) 
a. feo(a) 
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
ugly ducklingpatito feo
ugly [ˈʌɡlɪ]
uglier (comparative)ugliest (superlative)
1 (not pretty) [+appearance, person] feo
to be as ugly as sin ser feísimo; ser más feo que Picio (informal)
2 (unpleasant) desagradable; [+mood] peligroso; violento; [+situation, wound] peligroso; [+rumour etc] nada grato; inquietante; [+custom, vice etc] feo; repugnante
an ugly customer un tipo de cuidado (informal); to grow or turn ugly ponerse violento; amenazar violencia
the ugly truth "blackmail" is an ugly word
ugly duckling (n) patito (m) feo
Phrases with "ugly"
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you are ugly
eres feo
I am ugly
soy feo
ugly girl
la chica fea, la niña fea
they are ugly
son feos
he is ugly
es feo
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