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transitive verb
1. to locate (situar) (edificio)
2. to put, to place (colocar) (mueble, persona) (Am)
3. to find, to locate (encontrar) (Am)
  • ¿cómo te ubico? where can I get hold of o contact you?
4. (identificar)
  • ¿González?, no lo ubico González? I can't quite place him (Am)
pronominal verb
1. to be situated, to be located (edificio)
2. to get one's bearings (persona) (Am)
transitive verb
1 especialmente (Latinoamérica) (colocar) to place; locate; [+edificio] to site
2 (encontrar)
ubicar algo to find sth; locate sth; no supo ubicar Madrid en el mapa he was unable to find o locate Madrid on the map
ubicar a algn to find sb; locate sb; no hemos podido ubicar al jefe we have been unable to find o locate the boss; we have been unable to track down the boss
pronominal verb
1 (estar situado)
el museo se ubica en el centro de la ciudad the museum is located o situated in the city centre
2 (orientarse) to find one's way around
a pesar del mapa no consigo ubicarme even though I have a map I can't find my way around; este es el museo, ¿te ubicas ahora? this is the museum, have you got your bearings now?
3 (Latinoamérica) (colocarse) to get a job
Verb Conjugations for ubicar
Gerund: ubicando
Participle: ubicado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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