feminine noun
1. fingernail, nail (de mano)
  • hacerse las uñas -> to do one's nails
  • comerse o morderse las uñas -> to bite one's nails
  • con uñas y dientes (figurative) -> doggedly; (agarrarse) fiercely (defender)
  • ser uña y carne (figurative) -> to be as thick as thieves
2. toenail (de pie)
3. claw (garra)
  • enseñar o sacar las uñas -> to get one's claws out
4. hoof (casco)
5. plectrum (para instrumento musical) (Mexican Spanish)

uña [oo’-nyah]
1. Nail of the fingers and toes (de la mano, del pie). (f)
2. Hoof (pezuña) claw, or tolon of beasts; fang. (f)
3. Painted hook of instruments. (f)
4. Part of the trunk of a felled tree, which sticks to the root. (f)
5. Crust on sores or wounds. (f)
6. Excrescence or hard tumor on the eyelids. (f)
7. Dexterity in stealing or filching. (f)
8. Curved beak of a scorpion. (f)
  • Uña de la gran bestia -> elk’s hoove
  • Uñnas de cangrejo, crab’s claws. Hinca -> or meter la uña, to overcharge, to be sell at an exorbitant price
  • Mostrar las uñas -> to be inexorable
  • Mostrar la uña -> to show one’s teeth, to discover one’s foibles
  • Comerse las uñas -> to bite one’s nails
  • Uña encarnada -> ingrowing nail
  • Estar de uñas con uno -> to be at daggers drawn with somebody

1 (Anatomía) [de la mano] nail; fingernail; [del pie] toenail; (Zoología) claw
comerse las uñas to bite one's nails; to get very impatient; (Latinoamérica) (ser pobre) to be really poor; hacerse las uñas to have one's nails done; do one's nails
tener las uñas afiladas to be light-fingered
caer en las uñas de algn
ser uña y carne to be inseparable
estar de uñas con algn to be at daggers drawn with sb
defender algo con uñas y dientes to defend sth tooth and nail
dejarse las uñas
se dejó las uñas en ese trabajo he wore his fingers to the bone at that job
enseñar las uñas to show one's claws
tener las uñas largas to be light-fingered
ser [largo] de uñas
mostrar o sacar las uñas to show one's claws
uña encarnada ingrowing toenail
2 (pezuña) hoof
uña de caballo (Botánica) coltsfoot
escapar a uña de caballo to ride off at full speed
uña de vaca (Culin) cow heel
3 [del alacrán] sting
4 (Técnica) claw; nail puller; (EEUU)
5 [de ancla] fluke

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