1. (not straight) 
a. retorcido 
The twisted roots of the tree extended down into the soil.Las raíces retorcidas del árbol se hundían en la tierra.
b. torcido 
He gave me a twisted smile.Me dio una sonrisa torcida.
2. (perverse) 
a. retorcido 
Only someone with a truly twisted mind could commit such an act.Solo una persona de una mente verdaderamente retorcida sería capaz de cometer un acto semejante.
3. (untruthful) 
He offered a twisted version of the events.Propuso una versión distorsionada de los hechos.
1. (also fig) 
a. retorcido(a) 
twisted [ˈtwɪstɪd]
1 (distorted) [+metal, roots, cables, smile] retorcido; [+face, features] torcido
The car was just a mess of twisted metal the twisted wreckage of burned-out cars her father's poor, twisted face/features he gave her a twisted smile his father smiled, a sad twisted smile. "That's what everyone thinks," Hundreds of people were trapped under the twisted steel [girders] a pile of rubble and twisted steel the twisted bodies of friends and enemies lay piled on top of one another ...a couple of pines with twisted limbs ...un par de pinos con las ramas retorcidas Except for a couple of straggly pines with twisted limbs, the rock was bare The woods were made up of small, twisted trees for the most part, yet making darkness more impenetrable his poor, twisted limbs old men with twisted limbs or a missing eye untidy pile of twisted rope. She went into the ladies to adjust a twisted bra-strap The shoulder-strap on my rucksack was twisted
2 (injured) [+ankle, wrist] torcido
She heard an exclamation of pain, as the twisted [ankle] took some weight. Long-jumper Fiona May went out with a twisted knee
3 (warped) [+person, mind, logic] retorcido
He was a twisted bastard. It showed horribly clearly the workings of a twisted mind But nothing was more disgusting about Tanner's behaviour than the letter he sent to Rachel after he had killed her. It showed horribly clearly the workings of a twisted mind What sort of twisted [logic] allows you to say that you turned me down. of twisted construction rope, cable, barley-sugar etc
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I twisted my ankle
me torcí el tobillo
twisted ankle
el tobillo torcido
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