1. (action) 
to give something a twistretorcer algo
with a twist of the wristcon un giro de muñeca
2. (movement) 
twists and turnsvueltas fpl y revueltas
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation (of events) 
4. (in story, plot) 
a. el giro inesperado (M) 
5. (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
to be round the twistestar majara, zafado(a), rayado(a)
6. (piece) 
a twist of lemonun trozo de peladura de limón
7. (dance) 
a. el twist (M) 
transitive verb
8. (thread, rope) 
a. retorcer 
9. (sb's words, meaning of text) 
a. tergiversar 
to twist one's ankletorcerse el tobillo
to twist somebody's armretorcerle el brazo a alguien
10. (fig) 
to twist the knife in the woundremover la herida
intransitive verb
11. (smoke) 
a. elevarse en espirales 
12. (road) 
a. torcer 
to twist and turnserpentear
13. (dance) 
a. bailar el twist 
twist [twɪst]
1 (coil) [of thread, yarn] torzal (m); [of paper] cucurucho (m); [of smoke] voluta (f); [of tobacco] rollo (m)
a twist of lemon un pedacito or un rizo de limón
a twist of smoke rose up from the chimney a thin twist of smoke curled from the chimney a twist of yarn the corner shop sold twists of wool some wore cerise jackets and others pinned a twist of red silk ribbon to their chests a large twist of bread twist of paper sweets in a twist of paper a twist of peanuts/pumpkin seeds bunches of violets in twists of paper tonic with a twist of lemon ham steaks garnished with parsley and twist of orange
2 (loaf of bread) trenza (f)
3 (kink) (in wire, cord, hose) vuelta (f)
there's a twist in this hose
to get (o.s.) into a twist
get one's knickers in a twist
armarse or hacerse un lío (informal)
4 (bend) (in road) recodo (m); curva (f); (in river) recodo (m)
with every twist and bump in the road she felt sicker to Ingrid, each twist in the road, each new village, each new town, brought new experiences he caught up with his ball at a twist in the stream a road full of twists and turns with all these twists and turns, the road is dangerous
to be round the twist estar chiflado (informal)
to go round the twist volverse loco (informal)
to drive sb round the twist volver loco a algn (informal)
those adverts drive me round the twist to go round the twist
5 (turning action)
with a quick twist of the wrist torciendo or girando rápidamente la muñeca; she smiled with a wry twist of her mouth sonrió torciendo la boca
the bag is resealed with a simple twist of the valve she found the channel with a few twists of the television dial "how strange," he said, with a twist of the lips/mouth
to give sth a twist [+lid, top] girar algo
she gave the top a twist grasp the lid and give it a firm twist he gave the final twist of the knife, "are you leaving us?" having to give up her children was the final twist of the knife that was another twist of the knife
6 (unexpected turn) (in plot, story) giro (m)
the plot has an unexpected twist el argumento tiene un giro inesperado; to put a new twist on an old argument darle un nuevo enfoque a un viejo argumento
the latest twist in the hostage crisis in her best-selling book she provides a new twist to an old argument the battle of the sexes has taken a new twist as with all good detective stories, there is a final twist twist of [fate]
by a strange twist of fate por una de esas extrañas vueltas que da la vida
by a cruel twist of fate, her husband has the same disease
the story has a twist in the tail la historia tiene un final inesperado
this little story has a twist in the tail
7 (dance) twist (m)
to do the twist bailar el twist
to [put] a twist on the ball there was a twist in his nature I didn't understand it's a twist!
transitive verb
1 (coil) enroscar; enrollar
The more tightly the yarn is twisted, the stronger it is twist the string carefully around the stem of the flower she twisted the scarf [around] her head
she twisted her hair into a bun se enrolló or enroscó el pelo en un moño
to twist strands [into] rope
the rope got twisted round the pole la cuerda se enroscó alrededor del palo
The telephone wire got all twisted
the strands are twisted together las hebras están enrolladas unas a otras
to twist sb round one's little finger tener a algn en el bolsillo; hacer con algn lo que le da la gana
she always manages to twist me round her little finger
2 (turn) [+knob, handle, top, lid] girar; (turn round and round) [+ring] dar vueltas a
she twisted the handle and opened the door he twisted the wheel sharply and ran the car into a tree he was twisting the wedding ring on his finger twist the lid firmly she twisted her head to have a look She sat there twisting her handkerchief
to twist sb's arm retorcerle el brazo a algn; apretarle las tuercas a algn
I thought I might be able to twist his arm into telling me something
to twist the knife hurgar en la herida
to twist the knife a bit she added, "I would never have done something so stupid!"
3 (Med) (injure) torcerse
he twisted his ankle se torció el tobillo
he twisted his knee playing football
4 (wrench)
she twisted herself free se retorció hasta soltarse
she twisted her hand [away] he attempted to take her hand but she quickly twisted it from his grip he twisted the paper from her hand he twisted her arms [behind] her back
5 (distort, contort) [+girder, metal] retorcer; [+sense, words, argument] tergiversar
his face was twisted with pain tenía el rostro crispado por el dolor; his limbs were twisted by arthritis sus miembros estaban torcidos por la artritis
he twisted his face into a grimace of disgust the heat had twisted the metal into strange shapes you know I didn't mean that - stop twisting my words! journalists just twist things round to make a good headline
intransitive verb
1 (coil) enroscarse
2 (bend) [+road, river] serpentear
the road twists (and turns) through the valley the road twisted and turned
3 (turn) [+person] (also twist round) girar
he twisted in the saddle hold your arms out and twist to the left and right
4 (contort) retorcerse
his mouth twisted into a sardonic smile se le retorció la boca y soltó una sonrisa socarrona
her face twisted in perplexity her leg twisted under her as she fell
5 (dance) bailar el twist
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