1. (relative) 
a. el gemelo (M)la gemela (F) (identical) 
My friend got pregnant with twins.Mi amiga se quedó embarazada de gemelos.
b. el mellizo (M)la melliza (F) (fraternal) 
My brother and sister are twins.Mi hermano y mi hermana son mellizos.
c. el cuate (M)la cuata (F) (fraternal) (Mexico) 
I don't know my friend Yasmin's twin, but I imagine they don't look alike.No conozco al cuate de mi amiga Yasmín, pero me imagino que no se parecen.
2. (colloquial) (double) 
a. no direct translation 
I'm sure I've seen the twin of that necklace somewhere.Estoy segura de que he visto un collar idéntico en alguna parte.
Wow! I have the twin of your shirt.¡Guau! Tengo una blusa igualita a la tuya.
b. el sosia (M) (formal) (person) 
Some people think it's bad luck to see your twin.Hay gente que cree que es mala suerte ver a tu sosia.
3. (relative) 
a. gemelo 
People never confuse me with my twin sister because she has a mole on her cheek.La gente nunca me confunde con mi hermana gemela porque ella tiene un lunar an la mejilla.
b. mellizo 
My twin sister looks just like our mother.Mi hermana melliza es igualita a nuestra madre.
c. cuate (Mexico) 
I don't look anything like my twin brother.No me parezco nada a mi hermano cuate.
4. (paired) 
a. gemelo 
We took photos of the cathedral's twin spires.Tomamos fotografías de los chapiteles gemelos de la catedral.
b. doble 
The old man bought a twin pack of socks.El viejito compró un paquete doble de calcetines.
c. cuate (colloquial) (Mexico) 
Look at those twin apple trees at the entrance to the orchard.Mira esos manzanos cuates a la entrada del huerto.
5. (linked) 
a. hermano 
As far as I know, we don't have a twin city.Hasta donde yo sé, no tenemos ninguna ciudad hermana.
transitive verb
6. (to link) 
a. hermanar 
Our city will be twinned with a small village in Australia.Nuestra ciudad se hermanará con un pueblecito de Australia.
7. (to combine) 
a. combinar 
You should twin that plaid skirt with a simple shirt.Debes combinar esa falda de tela escocesa con una blusa simple.
1. (general) 
a. el gemelo(a) (M)la gemelo(a) (F) 
twin brotherhermano gemelo
twin sisterhermana gemela
2. (paired) 
a. parejo(a) 
twin bedscamas gemelas
twin-engine(d) aircraft(avión m) bimotor m
transitive verb
3. (towns) 
a. no direct translation 
Glasgow is twinned with…Glasgow está hermanado con…
twin [twɪn]
(identical) gemeloagemela (m) (f);a gemela (non-identical) mellizoamelliza (m) (f);a melliza
they are twins son gemelos; son mellizos; a pair of twins un par de gemelos; un par de mellizos
The twins were very surprised to see Ralph Which is the older twin? Dorothea was the elder twin of the two
1 [+brother, sister] (identical) gemelo; (non-identical) mellizo
...Artie had loved his twin [brother] ...Helene's twin [sister], Eva The twin sisters spent most of their lives competing against one another ...Judy's 15-year-old twin sons Ben and Tom ...their twin daughters Sarah and Sharon ...the study of twin [boys] by Koluchova Our twin boys were just over 2 when I fell ill ...adopted twin [girls] from Central America He revealed last night that his wife is expecting twin girls
she has twin daughters tiene dos hijas gemelas; tiene dos hijas mellizas
2 (linked) [+town, city] hermano
Newlyn's twin town is Concarneau la ciudad hermana de Newlyn es Concarneau; Newlyn está hermanada con Concarneau
...Aberdeen's five twin cities around the world: Stavanger, Gomel, Regensburg, Clermont-Ferrand and Bulawayo international exhibition from Edinburgh's twin city of Kiev
3 (double) [+towers, peaks, engines] gemelo
the twin towers of the temple ...the twin [turrets] of Tower Bridge... ...the twin spires of the cathedral ...the huge volcanic twin peaks which dominate the shanty town of Soufriere to the south The hull was originally intended for twin engines
[+propellers] doble
The plane is an eight-seater with twin propellers
[+concepts] hermano
the twin aims or goals of sth el doble objetivo de algo
...hoping to achieve the twin goals of saving his invention and avoiding capture. 600 million was advanced to housing associations with the twin aims of reviving the sluggish housing market and providing more homes for rent ...the twin concepts of rationalist liberty and humanitarian equality
the twin evils of malnutrition and disease la malnutrición y la enfermedad, dos males que siempre van juntos
drama and politics were her twin [obsessions]
the twin pillars of el doble pilar de
The twin pillars of the Tory temple, he said, were welfare and wealth The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were conceived as the twin pillars of the post-war economic order
twin souls almas (f) gemelas
I can't help but feel that these two are twin souls Oh, they're twin souls, as close as you can get in a platonic relationship
transitive verb
1 (link) [+towns, cities, institutions] hermanar;with con
we are hoping to twin the two towns in the very near future Soon envoy exchanges will become as commonplace as twinned towns The city was twinned with St Anns in 1987 Five Polish banks are to be twinned with counterparts in Western Europe Zachodni is one of nine regional institutions that were formed by the break-up of the dominant central bank. Seven of these have now been twinned with Western institutions
Manchester is twinned with St Petersburg Manchester está hermanada con San Petersburgo
The borough is twinned with Kasel in Germany and Mulhouse in France ...a town which is twinned with Brest
2 (combine) [+clothes] combinar
She twinned a cream silk shirt with black trousers
twin beds (n) camas (f) gemelas
a room with twin beds
twin cylinder (n) bicilindro (m)
twin jet (n) birreactor (m)
Phrases with "twin"
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twin brother
el gemelo
twin sister
la gemela
Twin Towers
Torres Gemelas
twin towers
torres gemelas
fraternal twin
el mellizo
twin bed
la cama gemela
my twin
mi gemelo
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