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transitive verb
1. (colloquial) (to make a small adjustment to) 
a. afinar 
The lawyers are still tweaking the terms of Karen and Bob's divorce.Los abogados todavía están afinando las condiciones del divorcio de Karen y Bob.
2. (to pull on) 
a. pellizcar 
"Peek-a-boo!" said Pedro, and he tweaked his nephew's nose."¡Cu, cu!", dijo Pedro, y le pellizcó la nariz a su sobrino.
intransitive verb
3. (colloquial) (to become extremely agitated) (United States) 
a. friquearse (colloquial) 
Did your dad get mad when he found out you crashed his car? - Mad? He tweaked!¿Se enojó tu papá cuando se enteró de que habías chocado su carro? - ¿Si se enojó? ¡Se friqueó!
4. (colloquial) (small adjustment) 
a. el toquecito (M) 
We're still giving the menu a tweak or two, but people seem excited about the restaurant in general.Aún le estamos dando un par de toquecitos a la carta, pero, por lo general, la gente parece estar encantada con el restaurante.
b. el retoque (M) 
My sculpture is almost done, but it still needs a few tweaks.Mi escultura está casi terminada, pero aún faltan unos retoques.
5. (pull) 
a. el pellizco (M) 
The waitress gave Nick's ear a tweak, and he started to blush.La camarera le dio un pellizco en la oreja a Nick, y este se sonrojó.
1. (general) 
to give somebody's ear a tweakdar a alguien un tirón de orejas
2. (colloquial) 
to give something a tweakhacer un pequeño ajuste en algo
transitive verb
3. (nose, ear) 
a. pellizcar 
tweak [twiːk]
1 (pull) pellizco (m)
to give sb's nose/ear a tweak pellizcar a algn la nariz/la oreja
2 (small alteration) pequeño retoque (m)
Regular readers may notice a few changes in this issue — nothing too radical, just a tweak here and there ...a brilliant manuscript which needs little more than a few typographical tweaks before it can be sent to the printer
transitive verb
1 (pull) pellizcar
2 (alter slightly) retocar ligeramente
We watch it after the dialogue is laid down on tape, and then we can go back and tweak it a little bit He expects the system to get even better as the engineers tweak its performance
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