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turn off
verbo transitivo con partícula
1. cerrar (water, gas); apagar (light, TV)
2. (familiar)
  • to t somebody off cortar el rollo a alguien
intransitive verb
3. salir (leave road, path)
turn off
1 (Aut) [+person, vehicle] doblar
turn off at the next exit toma la próxima (salida de la autopista)
2 [+appliance etc] apagarse
It turns off automatically the central heating is timed to turn off at 11 o'clock
transitive verb
1 [+light] apagar; [+appliance] (switch off) apagar; (plug out) desenchufar; [+tap] cerrar; [+engine] parar; [+gas] cerrar la llave de; [+central heating] apagar; (Electricity and Electronics) (at mains) desconectar; cortar; [+TV programme, radio programme] quitar
After 20 minutes he turned the film off
the oven turns itself off el horno se apaga solo
2 [+person] repugnar; repugnar; (fail to interest) dejar frío; (sexually) matar el deseo a
What turns teenagers off science?
it turns me right off me repugna; me deja frío
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