turn off

turn off
transitive verb phrase
1. (to switch off) 
a. apagar (light, appliance) 
Turn off the light; it's time for bed.Apaga la luz, que es hora de dormir.
b. cerrar (faucet, water, gas) 
Turn off the gas and open the windows.Cierra el gas y abre las ventanas.
c. desconectar (electricity) 
They turned off the electricity when she didn't pay her bill.Desconectaron la electricidad cuando no pagó la factura de la luz.
d. cortar (electricity, water) 
The plumber turned the water off because there was a leak in a pipe.El fontanero cortó el agua porque había una fuga en una tubería.
e. parar (engine) 
I parked in the garage and turned the engine off.Aparqué en el garaje y paré el motor.
2. (colloquial) (to sexually repel) 
a. repugnar (colloquial) 
She was turned off by his poor table manners.Le repugnaban sus malos modales en la mesa.
b. matar el deseo (colloquial) 
Men wearing socks with sandals really turns me off.Los hombres que llevan calcetines con chanclas me matan totalmente el deseo.
c. apagar (colloquial) 
It turns me off when he burps in public.Me apaga cuando eructa en público.
3. (to exit a road) 
a. salir 
Turn off the highway at the next exit.Sale la carretera en la siguiente salida.
intransitive verb phrase
4. (to switch off) 
a. apagarse 
I've programmed the lights to turn on and off at set times.He programado las luces para que se encienden y se apaguen a horas determinadas.
turn off
transitive verb phrase
1. (water, gas) 
a. cerrar 
2. (light, tv) 
a. apagar 
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to t somebody offcortar el rollo a alguien
intransitive verb
4. (leave road, path) 
a. salir 
turn off
1 (Aut) [+person, vehicle] doblar
turn off at the next exit toma la próxima (salida de la autopista)
2 [+appliance etc] apagarse
It turns off automatically the central heating is timed to turn off at 11 o'clock
transitive verb
1 [+light] apagar; [+appliance] (switch off) apagar; (plug out) desenchufar; [+tap] cerrar; [+engine] parar; [+gas] cerrar la llave de; [+central heating] apagar; (Electricity and Electronics) (at mains) desconectar; cortar; [+TV programme, radio programme] quitar
After 20 minutes he turned the film off
the oven turns itself off el horno se apaga solo
2 [+person] repugnar; repugnar; (fail to interest) dejar frío; (sexually) matar el deseo a
What turns teenagers off science?
it turns me right off me repugna; me deja frío
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