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1. pavo (m) (bird)guajolote (m) (español de México); pavo (m) (meat)
2. fracaso (m) (familiar) (bad play, film) (meat)
turkey [ˈtɜːkɪ]
turkey turkeys
1 (bird) pavo (m); guajolote (m); (Méx) jolote (m); (CAm) chompipe (m); (CAm)
to talk turkey (US) hablar en serio
2 especially (US) (Cine) (Teat) (flop) fiasco (informal) (m); fracaso (m)
3 (US) (person) patosoapatosa (m) (f);a patosa pato (m) mareado (informal)
turkey buzzard (n) (US) buitre (m); zopilote (m); (CAm) (Méx) aura (f); (Caribbean) gallinazo (m); (Col) (And) zamuro (m); (Ven)
turkey cock (n) pavo (m)
turkey shoot (n) (US)
to be (like) a turkey shoot ser coser y cantar (informal); ser pan comido (informal)
Last week after Iraqi ground forces were engaged for the first time, an American soldier said that the encounter had been like a turkey shoot The prospect of fishing for truly wild trout is very stimulating - but it's not a turkey shoot. The river doesn't give fish up that easily
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