Tuna in English | Spanish to English Translation
1. (animal)
a. el atún (M)
I had a tuna sandwich for lunch.Almorcé un sándwich de atún.
We saw a school of tuna from the deck of the boat.Vimos una escuela de atún desde la cubierta del barco.
1. atún (m)
tuna [ˈtjuːnə]
tuna tunas (also tuna fish) atún (m)
feminine noun
1. = group of student minstrels
2. prickly pear (planta) (Am)
(Botánica) prickly pear
1 (España) (Música)
tuna estudiantina student music group
2 (vida picaresca) rogue's life; vagabond life; merry life
correr la tuna to have a good time; live it up (familiar)
3 (Centroamérica) (embriaguez) drunkenness
Tunas, also known as estudiantinas, are groups of students dressed in 17th century costumes who play guitars, lutes and tambourines and who used to go serenading through the streets. More recently, they have been known for making impromptu appearances at weddings and parties singing traditional Spanish songs, often of a bawdy nature, in exchange for drinks or some money.
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