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transitive verb
1. to knock over o down (derribar)
  • tiene un olor que tumba (informal figurative) it stinks to high heaven
2. (reclinar)
  • tumbar al paciente lie the patient down
3. to fail (informal) (suspender)
pronominal verb
1. to lie down (acostarse)
2. to lounge, to stretch out (repantigarse)
transitive verb
1 (derribar) [+persona] to knock down; knock over; [+puerta] (a golpes) to batter down; (a patadas) to kick down o in; [+viento] to blow down
tanto alcohol acabó tumbándolo all that alcohol ended up laying him out; lo tumbaron a golpes they punched him to the ground
2 (matar) to do in (muy_familiar)
3 [+olor] to knock back (familiar)
un olor que te tumba an overpowering smell; a smell which knocks you back (familiar)
4 (impresionar) to amaze; overwhelm
el espectáculo me dejó tumbado the sight overwhelmed me; su presunción tumbó a todos his conceit amazed everybody; his conceit knocked everybody sideways
5 (copular) to lay (muy_familiar); screw (vulgar)
6 (suspender) to fail; flunk; (EEUU)
7 (Latinoamérica) [+árbol] to fell; [+tierra] to clear
intransitive verb
1 (caerse) to fall down
2 (Náutica) to capsize
3 (impresionar)
tiene una desfachatez que tumba de espaldas his cheek is enough to take your breath away (familiar)
pronominal verb
1 (acostarse) to lie down
estar tumbado to lie; be lying down
2 [+trigo] to go flat
3 (relajarse) to decide to take it easy; (abandonarse) to give up (on things); let o.s. go after achieving a success etc; (after achieving a success etc)
Verb Conjugations for tumbar
Gerund: tumbando
Participle: tumbado
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