transitive verb
1. (to topple) 
Él tumbó al matón con un puñetazo rápido en la mandíbula.He knocked the bully down with a quick punch to the jaw.
Como sus hijos no le permitían entrar en casa, tumbó la puerta.Because his children wouldn't let him into the house, he kicked down the door.
El hedor de la comida podrida casi me tumbó.The stench of the rotting food almost knocked me over.
Tumbaron el teatro abandonado para construir un aparcamiento para el restaurante de al lado.They demolished the abandoned theater to build a parking lot for the restaurant next door.
2. (to chop down a tree) (Latin America) 
a. to fell 
Los leñadores pasaron la tarde entera tumbando árboles para la papelera.The lumberjacks spent the entire afternoon felling trees for the paper mill.
3. (colloquial) (to kill) (Colombia) 
a. to waste (slang) 
La policía tumbó a dos miembros de la pandilla en el tiroteo de anoche.The police wasted two gang members in the shootout last night.
b. to bump off (colloquial) 
La mafia lo tumbó por no pagar sus deudas.The mob bumped him off for not paying his debts.
c. to do in (colloquial) (figurative) 
Seguro que tu padre te va a tumbar si llegas tarde de nuevo a casa esta noche.Your dad's going to do you in if you come home late again tonight.
4. (colloquial) (education) (Spain) 
a. to fail 
Los profesores lo tumbaron en álgebra y tuvo que repetir curso.The teachers failed him in algebra, and he had to repeat the course.
b. to flunk (colloquial) (United States) 
Si no entregas tu ensayo final, te tumbaré.If you don't submit your final paper, I will flunk you.
pronominal verb
5. (to recline) 
Tengo dolor cabeza, así que me voy a tumbar por una hora.I have a headache, so I am going to lie down for an hour.
Tengo muchas ganas de tumbarme y dormir en mi hamaca todo el fin de semana.I look forward to stretching out and sleeping in my hammock all weekend.
transitive verb
1. (derribar) 
a. to knock over o down 
2. (fam fig) 
a. no direct translation 
tiene un olor que tumbait stinks to high heaven
3. (reclinar) 
a. no direct translation 
tumbar al pacientelie the patient down
4. (colloquial) 
a. to fail 
pronominal verb
5. (acostarse) 
a. to lie down 
6. (repantigarse) 
a. to lounge, to stretch out 
transitive verb
1 (derribar) [+persona] to knock down; knock over; [+puerta] (a golpes) to batter down; (a patadas) to kick down o in; [+viento] to blow down
tanto alcohol acabó tumbándolo all that alcohol ended up laying him out; lo tumbaron a golpes they punched him to the ground
2 (matar) to do in (muy_familiar)
3 [+olor] to knock back (familiar)
un olor que te tumba an overpowering smell; a smell which knocks you back (familiar)
4 (impresionar) to amaze; overwhelm
el espectáculo me dejó tumbado the sight overwhelmed me; su presunción tumbó a todos his conceit amazed everybody; his conceit knocked everybody sideways
5 (copular) to lay (muy_familiar); screw (vulgar)
6 (suspender) to fail; flunk; (EEUU)
7 (Latinoamérica) [+árbol] to fell; [+tierra] to clear
intransitive verb
1 (caerse) to fall down
2 (Náutica) to capsize
3 (impresionar)
tiene una desfachatez que tumba de espaldas his cheek is enough to take your breath away (familiar)
pronominal verb
1 (acostarse) to lie down
estar tumbado to lie; be lying down
2 [+trigo] to go flat
3 (relajarse) to decide to take it easy; (abandonarse) to give up (on things); let o.s. go after achieving a success etc; (after achieving a success etc)
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