transitive verb
1. (derribar) 
a. to knock over o down 
2. (fam fig) 
tiene un olor que tumbait stinks to high heaven
3. (reclinar) 
tumbar al pacientelie the patient down
4. (colloquial) 
a. to fail 
pronominal verb
5. (acostarse) 
a. to lie down 
6. (repantigarse) 
a. to lounge, to stretch out 
transitive verb
1 (derribar) [+persona] to knock down; knock over; [+puerta] (a golpes) to batter down; (a patadas) to kick down o in; [+viento] to blow down
tanto alcohol acabó tumbándolo all that alcohol ended up laying him out; lo tumbaron a golpes they punched him to the ground
2 (matar) to do in (muy_familiar)
3 [+olor] to knock back (familiar)
un olor que te tumba an overpowering smell; a smell which knocks you back (familiar)
4 (impresionar) to amaze; overwhelm
el espectáculo me dejó tumbado the sight overwhelmed me; su presunción tumbó a todos his conceit amazed everybody; his conceit knocked everybody sideways
5 (copular) to lay (muy_familiar); screw (vulgar)
6 (suspender) to fail; flunk; (EEUU)
7 (Latinoamérica) [+árbol] to fell; [+tierra] to clear
intransitive verb
1 (caerse) to fall down
2 (Náutica) to capsize
3 (impresionar)
tiene una desfachatez que tumba de espaldas his cheek is enough to take your breath away (familiar)
pronominal verb
1 (acostarse) to lie down
estar tumbado to lie; be lying down
2 [+trigo] to go flat
3 (relajarse) to decide to take it easy; (abandonarse) to give up (on things); let o.s. go after achieving a success etc; (after achieving a success etc)
Verb Conjugations for tumbar
Gerund: tumbando
Participle: tumbado
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