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feminine noun
1. (burial site)
a. grave
Visitó la tumba de su abuelo. He visited his grandfather's grave.
b. tomb
Visitamos la Tumba del Soldado Desconocido durante nuestro viaje a Arlington. We visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on our trip to Arlington.
feminine noun
1. grave, tomb
  • a tumba abierta (informal) at breakneck speed
  • ser (como) una tumba (informal) to be as silent as the grave
(sepultura) tomb; grave
hablar a tumba abierta to speak openly
llevar a algn a la tumba to carry sb off
ser (como) una tumba to keep one's mouth shut; not breathe a word to anyone
1 (Latinoamérica) (tala) felling of timber; clearing of ground; (tierra) ground cleared for sowing; (claro) forest clearing
2 (sacudida) shake; jolt
3 (voltereta) somersault
4 (S. Cone) (carne) boiled meat of poor quality
(Caribe) (S. Cone) (tambor) African drum
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