1. (very) 
Her dedication is truly admirable.Su dedicación es verdaderamente admirable.
b. realmente 
It is almost impossible to be truly objective.Es casi imposible ser realmente objetivo.
c. de verdad 
If he truly loves you, he will forgive you.Si te ama de verdad, te perdonará.
2. (sincerely) 
Truly speaking, I don't care about him.Hablando sinceramente, él no me importa.
b. de verdad 
I'm truly sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.De verdad, lo siento. No fue mi intención lastimarte.
c. de veras 
I truly appreciate what you've done for me.De veras aprecio lo que has hecho por mí.
3. (exactly) 
He is shy and finds it hard to truly express his feelings.Es tímido y le cuesta expresar con exactitud lo que siente.
4. (intensifier) 
We spent a truly fantastic weekend camping by the lake.Pasamos un fin de semana verdaderamente fantástico acampando junto al lago.
b. realmente 
Japan is truly amazing. I want to go there again.Japón es realmente asombroso. Quiero ir de nuevo.
1. (general) 
a. verdaderamente, realmente 
yours trulyatentamente
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (myself) 
truly [ˈtruːlɪ]
1 (genuinely) [+happy, democratic, international] verdaderamente; realmente; [+understand, love] de verdad
This was an outstanding final, a truly great game There will be special events in a total of 140 countries, making it a truly [international] celebration ...Haiti's first truly [democratic] election Only he can make her truly [happy]
It was the first time I had really and truly understood the problem I'm in love, really and truly in love
the only man she truly loved el único hombre al que quería de verdad
A man who truly [loved] her would have known that without having to ask
really and truly de verdad
2 (sincerely) [+grateful, worried] verdaderamente; realmente; de verdad; [+believe, think, feel] de verdad; realmente
I am truly grateful for everything you've done I am truly worried/concerned by this new tendency of his I was truly shocked by his remarks people were truly amazed/astounded I find it truly appallling that people can be so callous
I truly believe this me lo creo de verdad; realmente me lo creo
If Mr Major truly [believes] in a classless society, he should abolish the poll tax
I was truly hurt by what she said lo que dijo me hizo realmente or verdadero daño
it can truly be said that ... verdaderamente se puede decir que ...; realmente se puede decir que ...
...a very real sense in which it can truly be said that people do create their own reality He conducted himself with such quiet sincerity and honesty that of him it can truly be said, in Goethe's words, "the deed is all, and not the glory"
I am truly sorry for what happened siento de veras or muchísimo lo ocurrido
it was truly wrong of him to do that lo que hizo estuvo verdaderamente or realmente mal
yours truly (in letter) le saluda atentamente
nobody knows it better than yours truly nadie lo sabe mejor que un servidor (informal)
Kilpatrick was technical editor of Photo Technique magazine 20 years ago, when yours truly was its editor The first photograph ever taken of yours truly was in a pram traversing Hyde Park
3 (as intensifier) (absolutely) [+amazing, remarkable] verdaderamente; realmente
if you're used to UK prices, the cost of fuel here is truly amazing We have unearthed some truly [remarkable] wines at prices that are hard to match His technique and his acting ability were truly [remarkable]
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