1. (factually correct) 
a. cierto(a), verdadero(a) 
it is true that…es cierto or verdad que…
to come truehacerse realidad, realizarse
this also holds true for…esto también vale para…
how true!¡cuánta razón llevas!
2. (real; reason, feelings) 
a. verdadero(a) 
true northnorte geográfico
3. (faithful) 
a. leal, fiel 
to be true to somebodyser leal a alguien
she was true to her principlesera fiel a sus principios
true to lifefiel a la realidad
true to form or typecomo era de esperar
true loveamor verdadero
4. (accurate) 
a. exacto(a) 
his aim was trueacertó, dio en el blanco
5. (general) 
out of truetorcido(a)
true [truː]
truer (comparative)truest (superlative)
1 (not false) [+story] real; verídico
The [story] about the murder is true The film tells the true story of a group who survived in the Andes in sub-zero temperatures
[+account] verídico
She gave the true account of what had happened
[+statement] cierto; verídico
Both these statements are true I have no doubt that his statement is true
[+rumour] cierto; verdadero
None of the rumours are true Rumours of infidelity and marital violence may have been true Everything I had heard about him was true
it is true that ... es verdad or cierto que ...
It is certainly true that big changes are necessary It is true that a few children are adopted each year by a single parent It's true she gets madly impatient with him, but what mother doesn't?
is it true? ¿es (eso) verdad?
is it true that you once worked as a singing telegram?
it can't be true! ¡no me lo creo!
what? she's landed that job? It can't be true!
I'm quite tired, it's true es verdad or cierto que estoy bastante cansado
We mustn't generalize, it's true Wilson, it is true, has the right qualifications for the job For some of these writers, it is true, their Scottishness appears to be central to their work She longed to be successful, it was true, but she refused to compromise
he's so jealous it's not true es tan celoso que resulta difícil creerlo
is it true about Harry? ¿es verdad or cierto lo de Harry?
Unfortunately it was true about Martha's illness
true, but ... cierto, pero ...
True, but that is not exactly what I meant "Things are a bit different in my country." - "True, but we're not in your country, are we?" True, Halliday had not appeared for breakfast, but I knew he liked to get up late, so I didn't worry unduly
to come true [+dream] hacerse realidad
My wish had come true He had always wanted to live in another country. Several months later his dream came true when his company relocated in Scotland!
[+wish, prediction] cumplirse; hacerse realidad
Many of his predictions are coming true He had a dream and the determination to make that dream come true
it's a dream come true es un sueño hecho realidad
For thousands of Russians, his election was a dream come true Owning a place of their own is a dream come true for the couple For the skipper, Peter Blake, winning the Round the World Race will be a dream come true
true or false? ¿verdadero o falso?
Sydney is the capital of Australia — true or false?
the reverse is true ocurre lo contrario
This would lead one to expect a fat, dense and detailed autobiography. The reverse is true. The book is short and spare
it is true to say that ... puede afirmarse que ...
It clearly isn't true to say that only coarse, violent people swear It might be true to say that his verse lacks feeling
the film is based on a true story la película está basada en un hecho real or verídico
it's truer than you know es más verdad de lo que te imaginas
Sister Theresa's words were truer than she knew Andy Warhol's prediction that in the future everybody will become famous for 15 minutes, is becoming truer than he could ever have imagined
that's true es cierto; es verdad
"You could go by train." - "Yes. That's true"
too true eso es totalmente cierto
"Don't you think everybody really could do with a lot more honesty in this campaign?" - "Oh yes. Too true"
it is only too true that ... es lamentablemente or desgraciadamente cierto que ...
Sadly, it is only too true that we tend to destroy the things we treasure most I'm afraid it's only too true that people think less about others these days
2 (genuine) [+gentleman, romantic, genius] verdadero; auténtico
Brian was a true gentleman I am a true Brit and love my homeland above all others The man's a true patriot True romantics will delight in the tiny, rose-clad cottage
[+friend, courage, happiness] verdadero; de verdad; auténtico
True friends are hard to find No amount of money can buy true friendship The course of true love is never smooth True courage is not a public display of communal heroism The country still had a long way to go before it became a true democracy I suppose it takes time for true [democracy] to work ...the attitude of the true scholar I think he's a true genius He found true happiness in fatherhood She smiled with true amusement this time it was true [love]
music is her true love su verdadero amor es la música
Her true love remained the theatre
her true love (sweetheart) su gran amor (m)
Daniel's my true love the course of true love never runs smooth
then he was able to demonstrate his true worth entonces pudo demostrar lo que valía realmente or su verdadera valía
3 (real, actual) [+feelings, motives, meaning] verdadero
We sometimes wish to hide our true [feelings] Be as honest as possible about your intentions, as keeping your true motives hidden may provoke deceit in others too
[+value, cost] verdadero; real
The true value of the vehicles was recognised when they went to auction The true cost often differs from that which had first been projected
the true meaning of love el verdadero significado del amor
the true nature of the problem
this helps us to discover our true selves esto nos ayuda a descubrir nuestra verdadera identidad; in the true sense (of the word) en el sentido estricto (de la palabra); propiamente dicho
They were not independent countries in the true sense I was never his mistress in the true sense of the word
4 (Rel) verdadero
the one true God el Dios único y verdadero
the True [Cross]
5 (relevant, applicable) cierto
Because I choose to live alone, my expenses are often twice those of couples. This is especially true when it comes to travel and accommodation
to be true for sb/sth ser cierto en el caso de algn/algo
this is particularly true for single women esto es cierto particularmente en el caso de las mujeres solteras; this is true for nine out of ten cases esto es cierto en nueve de cada diez casos
All schools have a duty to inculcate strong moral values. This is particularly true for boarding schools this is true for men as much as women
to hold true (for sb/sth) ser válido (para algn/algo)
If you can get an enthusiastic letter from a former employer, send it! This advice holds true regardless of whether or not the employer requests references Such a diet is doomed to fail. The same holds true for diets that stress any one category of foods
this is true of any new business venture este es el caso con cualquier empresa nueva
the same is true of nuclear power stations el caso es el mismo con las centrales nucleares
6 (faithful)
I am a true believer in American values creo firmemente en los valores americanos
...a true follower of Jesus
to be true to sb/sth ser fiel a algn/algo
David was true to his wife I wanted to find out if my lover was true to me India has remained true to democracy We have to be true to our principles
to be true to o.s. ser fiel a sí mismo
We have to be true to ourselves The experience of those years taught him to be true to himself and not to renounce his dignity whatever the situation The question is not so much whether you are dependent or independent, but whether you can find a balance between being committed to another person and being true to yourself
true to form como es/era de esperar
True to form, he came home drunk True to form, he rose to the occasion
to be true to life ser como la vida real
The opening scenes of this movie are just not true to life
to be true to one's promise or word ser fiel a su palabra or promesa; cumplir con su palabra or promesa
She was always true to her word She's been true to her word from day one True to my promise, I had taken Sue all the way across to Cranbrook
true to type como es/era de esperar
But, true to type, she turns sleuth and becomes embroiled in a murder enquiry The Russians, true to type, assumed that he was the leader of a great, countrywide conspiracy to thine own self be true
7 (accurate)
his aim was true dio en el blanco
his aim was true - the grizzly keeled over and fell to the ground the busts were never intended as true likenesses
the portrait was a true likeness of her grandmother el cuadro era un fiel retrato de su abuela
8 (straight) derecho
the window frame isn't quite true el marco de la ventana no está del todo derecho
Having checked the card is vertically and horizontally true, repeat steps 5-7 until you reach the bottom of the wall
9 (Mús) afinado
his top notes were pure and true sus notas más altas eran puras y afinadas
The clear, soprano voice of Julie Andrews was joined by another, less true
to be out of true: the doorframe is out of true el marco de la puerta no cae a plomo; the top of the window was out of true la parte superior de la ventana no estaba nivelada
The tower was at least a quarter-inch out of true
to breed true (Bio) reproducirse conforme con la raza
This is why very few Selfs in Britain breed true
true colours true colors (US) (n)
to show one's true colours show o.s. in one's true colours mostrarse tal y como se es en realidad
He showed his true colours on Saturday
to see sb in their true colours ver a algn tal y como es en realidad
The children are seeing him in his true colours for the first time now, as they are now on the receiving end of his moods
true north (n) (Geog) norte (m) geográfico
The variation between true and magnetic north is now twenty-six degrees
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