transitive verb
1. (to alter illegally) 
a. to fix (elections or game) 
Se rumorea que la carrera estaba trucada.Rumor has it that the race was fixed.
b. to rig (elections or game) 
Su partido fue proscrito por tratar de trucar las elecciones.Her party was banned for trying to rig the elections.
c. to tamper with (document) 
Los registros oficiales fueron trucados y utilizados para cometer fraude.The official records had been tampered with and used to commit fraud.
2. (to modify) 
a. to soup up (colloquial) (car) 
Ganó la carrera porque su coche estaba trucado.He won the race because his car was souped up.
b. to tamper with (photo) 
Años después confesaría que las fotos estaban trucadas.Years later he would confess that the photos had been tampered with.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to doctor 
trucar el motorto soup up the engine
transitive verb
1 [+resultado] to fix; rig; [+baraja] to tamper with
las cartas estaban trucadas the dice were loaded against us
2 (Automóviles) [+motor] to soup up (familiar)
intransitive verb
(Billar) to pot the ball; pot
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