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intransitive verb
1. to trip o stumble (con los pies)(con on)
  • tropecé con el bordillo y me caí I tripped on the curb o (British) curb and fell over (United States)
2. (por casualidad)
  • tropezar con alguien to bump o run into somebody
3. (enfrentarse)
  • tropezar con to come up against (problema, obstáculo)
pronominal verb
1. to bump into each other, to come across one another (informal) (dos personas)
  • tropezarse con alguien to bump into somebody
intransitive verb
1 (con los pies) to trip; stumble
tropezó y por poco se cae he tripped o stumbled and nearly fell; ¡cuidado, no tropieces! mind you don't trip up!; ha tropezado con una piedra she tripped on a stone; he tropezado con el escalón I tripped on the step
2 (chocar)
tropezar con o contra algo to bump into sth; tropezar con o contra un árbol to bump into a tree
3 (enfrentarse)
tropezar con algo to run into sth; encounter sth; tropezamos con una dificultad we ran into o encountered a difficulty; tropezó con muchos obstáculos durante su carrera política she came up against o encountered numerous obstacles in her political career
4 (encontrarse)
tropezar con algn to bump into sb; run into sb; he tropezado con María en la facultad I bumped o ran into María in the department
5 (reñir)
tropezar con algn to have an argument with sb
tropezó con su hermana por cuestiones de la herencia
6 (cometer un error) to err; make a mistake
ha tropezado muchas veces en la vida she has erred many times o made many mistakes in her life
pronominal verb
tropezarse [+dos personas] to bump o run into each other
nos tropezamos casi cada día por la calle we bump o run into each other practically every day in the street; tropezarse con algn to bump o run into sb; me tropecé con Juan en el banco I bumped o ran into Juan at the bank
Verb Conjugations for tropezar
Gerund: tropezando
Participle: tropezado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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