"tropezar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to trip o stumble (con los pies)(con on)
  • tropecé con el bordillo y me caí -> I tripped on the curb o (British) curb and fell over (United States)
2. (por casualidad)
  • tropezar con alguien -> to bump o run into somebody
3. (enfrentarse)
  • tropezar con -> to come up against (problema, obstáculo)
pronomial verb
1. to bump into each other, to come across one another (informal) (dos personas)
  • tropezarse con alguien -> to bump into somebody

tropezar [tro-pay-thar’]
verb neuter
1. To stumble in walking. (n)
2. To be detained or obstructed. (n)
3. To slip into crimes or blunders. (n)
4. To wrangle, to dispute (reñir). (n)
5. To discover a fault or (n)
6. To meet accidentally (topar).
7. To light on, to happen, to find.
8. To slip up (cometer un error).
verb reflexive
9. To stumble, to cut the feet in walking (caballos).
  • Tropezar con uno -> to turn into somebody
  • Tropezar con dificultad -> (Fig.) to run into a difficulty
(Yo tropiezo, tropiece, from Tropezar. V. ACRECENTAR.

1 (con los pies) to trip; stumble
tropezó y por poco se cae he tripped o stumbled and nearly fell; ¡cuidado, no tropieces! mind you don't trip up!; ha tropezado con una piedra she tripped on a stone; he tropezado con el escalón I tripped on the step
2 (chocar)
tropezar con o contra algo to bump into sth; tropezar con o contra un árbol to bump into a tree
3 (enfrentarse)
tropezar con algo to run into sth; encounter sth; tropezamos con una dificultad we ran into o encountered a difficulty; tropezó con muchos obstáculos durante su carrera política she came up against o encountered numerous obstacles in her political career
4 (encontrarse)
tropezar con algn to bump into sb; run into sb; he tropezado con María en la facultad I bumped o ran into María in the department
5 (reñir)
tropezar con algn to have an argument with sb
tropezó con su hermana por cuestiones de la herencia
6 (cometer un error) to err; make a mistake
ha tropezado muchas veces en la vida she has erred many times o made many mistakes in her life
tropezarse [+dos personas] to bump o run into each other
nos tropezamos casi cada día por la calle we bump o run into each other practically every day in the street; tropezarse con algn to bump o run into sb; me tropecé con Juan en el banco I bumped o ran into Juan at the bank

Verb Conjugations for "tropezar" (go to to stumble; to run into s.o.)


yo tropiezo tropecé tropezaba tropezaría tropezaré
tropiezas tropezaste tropezabas tropezarías tropezarás
él/ella/Ud. tropieza tropezó tropezaba tropezaría tropezará
nosotros tropezamos tropezamos tropezábamos tropezaríamos tropezaremos
vosotros tropezáis tropezasteis tropezabais tropezaríais tropezaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. tropiezan tropezaron tropezaban tropezarían tropezarán
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