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1. carro (m) (in supermarket, for luggage) (británico); carrito (m) (for food, drinks)
  • to be off one's trolley (familiar) estar chalado(a) or (mad) zafado(a) or (español de Colombia, español de México) rayado(a) (RP)
  • trolley (car) tranvía (m) (Estados Unidos)
trolley [ˈtrɒlɪ]
1 especially (Britain) (in station, supermarket) carrito (m); (in hospital) camilla (f); (in mine) vagoneta (f); (tea trolley) carrito (m); (drinks trolley) mesita (f) de ruedas
to be off one's trolley (Britain) estar chiflado (informal)
2 (US) (tram) tranvía (m)
3 (Téc) corredera (f) elevada
4 (Electricity and Electronics) trole (m); arco (m) de trole
trolley bus (n) trolebús (m)
trolley car (n) (US) tranvía (m)
trolley pole (n) trole (m)
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