trip up
transitive verb phrase
1. (to cause to falter) 
a. confundir 
Be quiet, will you! You tripped me up again.¡Quieren hacer el favor de callarse! Me volvieron a confundir.
Just for laughs we would trip him up while he was counting.Por pura diversión lo hacíamos equivocarse mientras contaba.
c. meter el pie a (colloquial) 
It wasn't his fault. Somebody tripped him up.No fue culpa suya. Alguien le metió el pie.
2. (to make somebody stumble) 
Somebody tripped me up as I was walking down the aisle.Alguien me metió el pie cuando iba por el pasillo.
One of her classmates tripped her up as she was going to the blackboard.Una de sus compañeras de clase le hizo la zancadilla cuando salía a la pizarra.
One of the other team's defenders tripped me up and I fell.Uno de los defensores del otro equipo me puso la zancadilla y caí.
I don't know how I fell. Someone must have tripped me up.No sé cómo me caí. Alguien debió de echarme la zancadilla.
e. hacer tropezar (accidentally) 
The cables that were on the floor tripped me up.Los cables que había en el suelo me hicieron tropezar.
intransitive verb phrase
3. (to make a mistake) 
I'm afraid I tripped up on a few questions in the exam.Me temo que me equivoqué en algunas preguntas del examen.
b. meter la pata (colloquial) 
It's only a matter of time before Johnny trips up. He has no clue what he is doing.Es solo cuestión de tiempo antes de que Johnny meta la pata. No tiene ni idea de lo que está haciendo.
4. (to stumble) (United Kingdom) 
a. tropezar 
I ran to catch the bus, but I tripped up and fell.Corrí para agarrar el autobús, pero tropecé y me caí.
trip up
transitive verb phrase
1. (cause to fall) 
a. poner la zancadilla a 
2. (fig) 
a. confundir (cause to make mistake) 
intransitive verb
3. (stumble) 
a. tropezar 
trip up
1 (stumble) tropezar
2 (make a mistake) equivocarse
transitive verb
1 (cause to stumble) (intentionally) poner or echar la zancadilla a; (accidentally) hacer tropezar
His trousers fell down, tripping him up and revealing bright red boxer shorts as he tried to run away Little Carl runs round my feet and all but trips me up Then he made a sudden dive for Uncle Jim's legs to try to trip him up
2 (cause to make a mistake)
she tried to trip him up intentó que se equivocase or que se confundiese
to trip sb up
the fourth question tripped him up la cuarta pregunta le hizo equivocarse or le confundió
to trip sb up on sth They spent a hell of a lot of time cross-questioning me, getting statements, trying to trip me up on any nit-picking point Walden's brief was to box Kinnock into a corner and to trip him up
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