trip over
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to fall over) 
a. tropezar 
Watch you don't trip over. This room's a mess.Cuidado, no vayas a tropezar. Este cuarto es un desastre.
Tommy tripped over when I wasn't looking and hit his head.Mientras yo estaba distraída, Tommy tropezó y se cayó y se dio un golpe en la cabeza.
transitive verb phrase
2. (to fall over) 
I tripped over a rug and fell flat on my face.Me tropecé con una alfombra y me di de bruces con el suelo.
Nigel tripped over a toy in the dark and fell down the stairs.En medio de la oscuridad, Nigel tropezó con un juguete y se cayó por la escalera.
3. (to stutter over) 
Susie keeps tripping over words when reading.Susie suele atrancarse con las palabras cuando lee.
b. no direct translation 
I tried to explain what had happened, but I kept tripping over the words.Traté de explicar lo que había pasado, pero se me trababa la lengua.
My dad often trips over words when he's on the phone.A mi padre suele trabársele la lengua cuando habla por teléfono.
trip over
transitive verb phrase
1. (general) 
a. tropezar con 
intransitive verb
2. (general) 
a. tropezar 
trip over
(fall) tropezar y caerse
tie up your shoelaces if you don't want to trip over you'll trip over if you don't tie up your shoelaces If you walk round with your shoelaces undone, you'll trip over I didn't touch him! He just tripped over
he tripped over and fell flat on his face tropezó y cayó de bruces
intransitive verb
1 tropezarse con; tropezar con
he tripped over a wire tropezó or se tropezó con un cable; she tripped over her own feet se tropezó con sus propios pies
to trip over sth
to trip over one another to do sth darse de tortas por hacer algo (informal)
magazine editors are tripping over one another to buy these stories fans have literally been tripping over each other to buy a signed T shirt Congress members are tripping over each other to introduce new benefits firms are tripping over each other to launch their latest products
occasionally he would trip over a word in his impatience to tell his story a veces se le trababa la lengua en su impaciencia por contar su historia
I was out of breath and tripping over my words I ran into the office, out of breath and tripping over my words "I know you loved him too," I blurted out, the words tripping over each other
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