1. (of hair, hedge) 
a. el recorte (M) 
to be/keep in trimestar/mantenerse en forma
2. (neat) 
a. aseado(a) 
to have a trim figuretener buen tipo
transitive verb
3. (cut; hair, hedge, expenditure) 
a. recortar 
4. (meat) 
a. quitar or 
b. sacar la grasa a (Latin America) 
5. (decorate) 
a. ribetear 
trim [trɪm]
trimmer (comparative)trimmest (superlative)
1 (neat) [+garden] bien cuidado; arreglado
Nick stood beside the driveway and looked at the trim garden ...the trim lawns and trees of suburbia The neighbours' gardens were trim and neat .....trim little villas ...their trim bungalows and garden apartments He passed the entrance to the mews, noting the number of cars parked outside the trim houses ...a trim little yacht ...the plush and trim village of Freshford
[+person] arreglado; [+clothes] de corte elegante
The Navy liked its visitors to be neat, trim, and reasonably well-dressed ...his trim suit and his aura of good living ...trim blue uniforms
[+moustache, beard] bien cuidado
...the man in the elegant designer jacket, with the trim blond moustache ...a man with a trim beard His beard was trim, his cheeks rosy
a trim little house una casita bien cuidada
2 (slim) [+person, figure] esbelto
...a trim, athletic man ...a trim, balding man in his early sixties ...the gown she wears to show off her trim figure His body was trim and attractive in the clinging rubber wet-suit
[+waist] delgado
A woman should have a trim waist
to stay trim conservar una figura esbelta
There was a time when he could eat whatever he liked and still stay trim I like to stay trim so I cycle everywhere
1 (cut)
to get or have a trim cortarse un poco el pelo; (on long hair) cortarse solo las puntas
"Get a trim before you get your photo taken," she shouted after him. "It's time you had a trim. I can't see your face." countered his father.
to give one's beard a trim recortarse la barba; to give the lawn/hedge a trim recortar el césped/el seto
He gave the lawn a trim before autumn set in. "Better give the hedge a trim before it get's out of hand," she said. the [hedge]/lawn needs a trim
2 (good physical condition)
to be in (good) trim [+person] estar en buena forma or en buen estado físico; [+car, house] estar en buen estado or en buenas condiciones
He appeared healthy and untroubled, in good physical trim
There were several sheds, all in good trim The car is in excellent trim, despite its age
to get in or into trim ponerse en forma
We really ought to get in trim I spent some time getting into trim. She needed to get into trim if she was going to walk around on the beach in a bikini without feeling self-conscious.
to keep (o.s.) in (good) trim mantenerse en buena forma or en buen estado físico
The acrobatics are tough, so the women try to keep in trim I decided I should go jogging to keep myself in trim He will be running and riding his bike to stay in trim He kept himself in good trim and was often taken for somebody ten years younger
to keep sth in (good) trim mantener algo en buen estado or en buenas condiciones
Keep the garden in trim with these cleverly-designed shears Ride-on mowers are used for keeping areas such as paddocks and orchards in trim Repair them regularly and keep them in good trim... It is an excellent way of keeping my voice in trim
3 (decoration) (Cos) adorno (m); (on edge) ribete (m); reborde (m)
a coat with a fur trim un abrigo con ribetes or rebordes de piel
...a white satin scarf with black trim ...panties that are more sexy than sensible with their lace trim ...a velour suit with scarlet trim...
(Aut) (on outside of car) embellecedor (m); (Esp)
...the lamentable trend to paint every piece of trim in bodycolour with the consequent resemblance to injection moulded children's toys
leather trim tapizado (m) de cuero
The two cars are virtually identical except for the trim The Sixties car is spartan, with black vinyl trim and large, functional dials The model is exceptional value for money with leather trim, air conditioning, electric windows and electric sun roof all standard Wood trim fell off dashboard
wheel trim tapacubos (m); embellecedor (m) de la rueda; (Esp)
transitive verb
1 (clip) [+hair, beard, moustache] recortar
My friend trims my hair every eight weeks I trimmed my [hair] carefully I asked him just to trim the sides and tidy up the back
[+hedge] cortar; podar
One of the park-keepers' jobs is to trim hedges and mow lawns Trim the shrubs with shears
[+lamp, wick] despabilar
Every morning the lamp glasses are cleaned, the wicks trimmed and the oil replenished
to trim back [+plant, shoot] podar
Trim the shoots back to about 6in. above soil level Simply tidy up the plant, trimming back any weak and dead shoots in March Trim your geraniums back to just a few leaves
trim excess fat from or off the chops quitar el exceso de grasa de las chuletas
Trim crusts from bread Trim brown tips from leaves
2 (reduce) [+costs, prices] recortar; reducir
It's cutting thousands of jobs in an effort to trim costs and become more effective American companies looked at ways they could trim these costs ...and they didn't trim their [prices].
[+profits] recortar
The recession has forced restaurant owners to trim profits and offer cheaper menus The company hopes to trim its workforce by 20 percent The company hopes to trim its total salaried workforce by 9,000 jobs
[+programme, policy] hacer recortes en
Sometimes it is necessary to trim those very [policies] in order to stay in office. The prospect of trimming welfare programmes is deeply unsettling...
(also trim back) [+workforce] recortar; reducir
3 (slim) [+hips, thighs] adelgazar
here's an exercise to trim your tummy/thighs/hips
4 (decorate) [+dress, hat] adornar; [+Christmas tree] decorar
My girlfriend's parents had ordered a tree which I was invited to trim We trimmed the tree with baubles and tinsel Their hats are made by hand from beginning to end: trimmed, styled and shaped to the customer's satisfaction the dress was trimmed with gold braid
a dress trimmed with feathers/lace un vestido adornado con plumas/con adornos de encaje
trimmed with white lace All these garments were richly trimmed with lace ...jackets, which are then trimmed with crocheted flower tapestries trimmed with gold braid
5 (Náut) [+sails] orientar
The boat swung about and Duncan moved forward to trim the sails
[+boat] equilibrar
to trim one's sails apretarse el cinturón
If the mortgage rate goes up again, you'll have to trim your sails.
6 (Aer) equilibrar
7 (Orn) orientar
The gliding condor constantly trims its wings and makes small adjustments to the postion of its tail
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Gerund: recortando
Participle: recortado
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