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1. truco (m) (ruse, deceitful behavior, by magician); broma (f) (practical joke)
  • to play a trick on somebody gastar una broma a alguien
  • to obtain something by a trick conseguir algo con engaños
  • a nasty trick una jugarreta
  • trick photography fotografía (f) trucada
  • trick question pregunta (f) con trampa
2. mano (f) baza (f) (in cardgame)
  • to take or make a trick ganar una mano
3. (idioms)
  • he's been up to his old tricks again ha vuelto a las andadas
  • that should do the trick esto debería servir
  • she knows all the tricks se las sabe todas
  • the tricks of the trade los trucos del oficio
  • she doesn't miss a trick no se le pasa una
  • how's tricks? (familiar) ¿qué pasa?, ¿cómo lo llevas? (español de España)
transitive verb
4. engañar (person)
  • to trick somebody into doing something engañar a alguien para que haga algo
  • to trick something out of somebody quitar or sacarle algo a alguien a base de engaños (Am)
trick [trɪk]
1 (joke, hoax) broma (f); (mischief) travesura (f); (ruse) truco (m); ardid (m)
dirty or mean trick mala pasada (f); jugada (f) sucia; the tricks of the trade los trucos del oficio; to play a trick on sb gastar una broma a algn; unless my eyes are playing tricks on me si los ojos no me engañan; his memory played a trick on him le falló la memoria
trick or treat When the costumes were finished and the boys prepared for their night out for trick or treat they appeared comical and oddly mismatched
trick or treat! frase amenazante que pronuncian en tono jocoso los niños que rondan las casas en la noche de Halloween; quiere decir: —¡danos algo o te hacemos una trastada!
note See culture box in entry Hallowe'en.
he's up to his old tricks again ha vuelto a hacer de las suyas
how's tricks? ¿cómo te va?
2 (card trick) baza (f); (conjuring trick) truco (m); (in circus) número (m)
to take all the tricks ganar or hacer todas las bazas
he/she knows a trick or two se lo sabe todo
I know a trick worth two of that yo me sé algo mucho mejor
that should do the trick esto servirá
he/she doesn't miss a trick no se pierde nada
to try every trick in the book emplear todos los trucos
they tried every trick in the book
that's the oldest trick in the book eso es un viejo truco
That's the oldest trick in the book — to blame someone else for your problems That beggar's just collecting enough money to get drunk on. Using the children to persuade the gullible to part with their money. Oldest trick in the book
the whole bag of tricks todo el rollo (informal)
3 (special knack) truco (m)
there's a trick to opening this door esta puerta tiene truco para abrirla; to get the trick of it coger el truco; aprender el modo de hacerlo
4 (peculiarity, strange habit) manía (f); peculiaridad (f)
certain tricks of style ciertas peculiaridades estilísticas; ciertos rasgos del estilo; it's just a trick he has es una manía suya; to have a trick of doing sth tener la manía de hacer algo; history has a trick of repeating itself la historia tiene tendencia a repetirse; it's a trick of the light es una ilusión óptica
5 (catch) trampa (f)
there must be a trick in it aquí seguro que hay trampa
6 [of prostitute] cliente (m)
to turn tricks ligarse clientes (informal)
transitive verb
(deceive) engañar; (swindle) estafar; timar
I've been tricked! ¡me han engañado!; to trick sb into doing sth engañar a algn para que haga algo; conseguir con engaños que algn haga algo; to trick sb out of sth quitar algo a algn con engaños
trick cyclist (n) ciclista (m) acróbata
trick photography (n) trucaje (m)
trick question (n) pregunta (f) de pega
trick riding (n) acrobacia (f) ecuestre
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