intransitive verb
1. (to make a journey) 
a. viajar 
This summer I want to travel a lot with my friends.Este verano quiero viajar mucho con mis amigos.
2. (to move) 
a. ir 
He was traveling at more than 100 miles per hour.Iba a más de 100 millas por hora.
b. propagarse (sound) 
Sound doesn't travel in space.El sonido no se propaga en el espacio.
3. (colloquial) (to move quickly) 
a. ir a toda pastilla (colloquial) 
Formula 1 drivers travel!¡Los pilotos de Fórmula 1 van a toda pastilla!
4. (to react to traveling) 
a. no direct translation 
Fresh products do not travel well.A los productos frescos no les sienta bien el transporte.
Insect restaurants don't travel well in Europe.Los restaurantes de insectos no tienen buena acogida en Europa.
5. (business) 
My mother travels in cosmetics.Mi madre es viajante de cosméticos.
6. (basketball) 
a. dar pasos 
When the center traveled, the referee didn't call a foul on him.Cuando el pívot dio pasos, el árbitro no le marcó falta.
The referee whistled because a player had traveled.El árbitro pitó porque un jugador había hecho pasos.
transitive verb
7. (to journey to) 
a. recorrer 
They have traveled the world, and have met wonderful people.Han recorrido el mundo y han conocido a gente estupenda.
We are traveling the length and breadth of the island.Vamos a viajar por el largo y el ancho de la isla.
8. (act of traveling) 
Low-cost travel is a good option for students.Los viajes de bajo costo son una buena opción para los estudiantes.
9. (mechanics) 
You can lock the travel of the lever with this switch.Puedes bloquear el desplazamiento de la palanca con este interruptor.
plural noun
10. (lengthy journey) 
My grandfather would tell us stories about his travels around the world.Mi abuelo nos contaba cuentos de sus viajes alrededor del mundo.
1. (general) 
a. el viajes (M) 
on my travelsen mis viajes
travel agencyagencia de viajes
travel agentempleado(a) de una agencia de viajes
travel documentsdocumentación para el viaje
travel expensesgastos de viaje
travel insuranceseguro de (asistencia en) viaje
travel sicknessmareo m
travel writerautor(ora) de libros de viajes
transitive verb
2. (road, country) (United States) 
a. viajar por 
intransitive verb
3. (person) 
a. viajar 
4. (vehicle) 
a. circular 
5. (sound, light, electricity) 
a. propagarse 
news travels fast round herepor aquí las noticias vuelan
travel [ˈtrævl]
1 (travelling) viajes (m)
the job involves frequent travel el trabajo requiere viajes frecuentes; she is returning after two years' travel in Africa vuelve tras dos años de viajes por África; vuelve después de viajar dos años por África; students can get cheap travel los estudiantes pueden viajar a precios reducidos; travel broadens the mind viajar te abre más la mente or te da más amplitud de miras
I like travel information on travel in New Zealand is available at the hotel they arrived after 4 days of hard travel the price includes travel to and from the hotel heavy snow is making travel difficult he spends a lot on travel every month
air travel viajes (m) en avión
I have made my own travel arrangements he hecho mis propios planes para el viaje
foreign travel viajes (m) por el extranjero
2 travels viajes (m)
she told us about her travels in Africa nos habló de sus viajes por África
Marsha told us all about her travels
to set off on one's travels emprender el viaje; you'll never guess who I met on my travels today! ¡no te vas a imaginar or a que no sabes con quién me he topado en la calle hoy!
in all my travels I've never seen anything like it the book is an account of his travels in the Far East he collects things for the house on his travels abroad you've been in one place for too long, it's about time you were off on your travels
3 (movement)
direction/line of travel dirección (f)/línea (f) de desplazamiento
a machine called a rod weeder, which is a steel rod on the ground, turned by a chain in the opposite direction to the machine's travel, which yanks weeds out by their roots the arrowhead indicates the photons' direction of travel A racing car is always in an attitude at corners, never pointing as directly fore-and-aft in its line of travel as a road car would be in normal motoring
4 (Téc) [of lever, pedal] desplazamiento (m)
intransitive verb
1 (make a journey) viajar
she'd always wanted to travel siempre había querido viajar; she travels into the centre to work se desplaza or va al centro a trabajar
free insurance for children travelling with their parents he was travelling on a Danish passport she was pregnant and couldn't travel they have travelled a lot
to travel abroad
she spent six months travelling abroad pasó seis meses viajando por el extranjero; he was forbidden to travel abroad le prohibieron que viajara al extranjero
to travel by sth
to travel by air/plane viajar en avión
to the millions of Americans who travel by plane, it probably sounds like a good idea many people were afraid to travel by air for fear of terrorist attacks Be sure to order special dishes in advance when travelling by air
to travel by car/train/bus (short journeys) ir en coche/tren/autobús; (longer journeys) viajar en coche/tren/autobús; I travel to work by train voy al trabajo en tren
travelling by car gives you greater freedom we'll travel by air and road to Jugdalpur to travel [in] time archeologists travel to the past by digging people have always been fascinated by the idea of travelling backwards and forwards in time
to travel light viajar con poco equipaje
we'll be travelling round Italy recorreremos Italia
we'll be travelling through France viajaremos or pasaremos por Francia
he's travelling to Helsinki tomorrow mañana viaja a Helsinki
he has travelled widely ha viajado mucho
2 (move) ir
we were travelling at 30mph íbamos a 30 millas por hora; light/sound travels at a speed of ... la luz/el sonido viaja or se desplaza a una velocidad de ...; the current travels along this wire la corriente va or pasa por este alambre; news travels fast las noticias vuelan; his eyes travelled swiftly around the room recorrió rápidamente la habitación con la mirada
the gas travels through the tube at high pressure it travels at 600 mph you were travelling too fast it travels faster than the speed of sound the enzymes which travel along the pancreatic duct these impulses travel along the neural pathways nothing can travel faster than light the pain travelled through his body when an atom is split its neutrons travel outwards we were travelling along in the car tube trains travel on metal rails to travel at the speed of
3 (move quickly)
he was really travelling! ¡iba a toda pastilla or a toda mecha! (informal); that car certainly travels ese coche sí que corre
4 (react to travelling)
to travel [well]
this wine travels well este vino no se estropea con los viajes; British dance music does not travel well la música de baile británica no se recibe bien en otros países
that brand of humour generally travels well
5 (Comm) ser viajante (de comercio)
he travels in soap es representante de jabones
6 (Basketball) dar pasos; hacer pasos
transitive verb
[+country] viajar por; recorrer; [+road] recorrer; [+distance] recorrer; hacer
he has travelled the world ha viajado por or ha recorrido todo el mundo
she travelled the length and breadth of the country in search of work we travelled 50 miles that day Peter regularly travels this route he wanted to get out into the crisp morning air, travel the winding roads of Northumbria he travelled the length of India with his friend
travel agency (n) agencia (f) de viajes
travel agent (n) agente (m) de viajes
travel alarm (n) despertador (m) de viaje
travel bag (n) bolso (m) de viaje
a writer of travel books
travel brochure (n) folleto (m) turístico
travel bureau (n) agencia (f) de viajes
travel company (n) empresa (f) de viajes
travel documents (n) documentos (m) de viaje
travel expenses (n) gastos (m) de viaje; gastos (m) de desplazamiento
daily travel expenses to one's place of employment are nondeductible for tax purposes they charge £20 per day plus food and travel expenses
travel insurance (n) seguro (m) de viaje
travel news (n) información (f) sobre viajes y transporte
travel sickness (n) mareo (m) por el viaje; (por el viaje)
travel writer (n) escritor o periodista que escribe libros o artículos sobre viajes
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