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masculine noun
1. treatment (comportamiento, conducta)
  • de trato agradablepleasant
  • malos tratosbattering (of child, wife)
2. dealings (relación)
  • tener trato conto associate with, to be friendly with
  • no querer tratos con alguiento want (to have) nothing to do with somebody
3. deal (acuerdo)
  • cerrar o hacer un tratoto do o make a deal
  • ¡trato hecho!it's a deal!
4. title, term of address (tratamiento)
1 (acuerdo) deal
¡trato hecho! it's a deal!; cerrar un trato to close o clinch a deal; hacer un trato to do a deal; hacer buenos tratos a algn to offer sb advantageous terms
trato comercial business deal
2 (relación)
ya no tengo trato con ella I don't have anything to do with her any more; no quiero trato con él I want nothing to do with him; romper el trato con algn to break off relations with sb
trato carnal trato sexual
tener trato carnal o sexual con algn to have sexual relations with sb
3 tratos (negociaciones) negotiations
entrar en tratos con algn to enter into negotiations o discussions with sb; estar en tratos con algn to be in negotiations with sb; be negotiating with sb
4 (tratamiento) treatment
daba muy mal trato a sus empleados he treated his employees very badly; malos tratos physical abuse singular; (s) malos tratos a menores child abuse singular; (s)
trato de favor trato preferente preferential treatment
5 (manera de ser) manner
es una persona de trato agradable he has a pleasant manner; de fácil trato easy to get on with
6 (forma de cortesía)
no qué trato darle, si de o de usted I don't know whether to address him as "" or as "usted"; dar a algn el trato debido to give sb his proper title
7 (México) (puesto) market stall; (negocio) small business
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