masculine noun
1. treatment (comportamiento, conducta)
  • de trato agradable -> pleasant
  • malos tratos -> battering (of child, wife)
2. dealings (relación)
  • tener trato con -> to associate with, to be friendly with
  • no querer tratos con alguien -> to want (to have) nothing to do with somebody
3. deal (acuerdo)
  • cerrar o hacer un trato -> to do o make a deal
  • ¡trato hecho! -> it's a deal!
4. title, term of address (tratamiento)

trato [trah’-to]
1. Treatment, manner of using; behavior (conducta), conduct. (m)
2. Manner (manera de ser), address. (m)
3. Concernment; pact, agreement. (m)
4. Treat. (m)
5. Trade, traffic, commerce. (m)
6. Friendly intercourse, conversation, communication. (m)
7. Gallantry. (m)
8. Treachery, infidelity. (m)
9. Religious meditation, prayer. (m)
10. Compellation, title of courtesy. (m)
11. Market stall (puesto). (Mexico) (m)
12. Small business (negocio). (Mexico) (m)
  • Mal trato -> (Met.) bad conduct with anyone, ill usage
  • Tener buen trato -> (Coll.) to be affable and polite
  • Tener trato de gentes -> to be accustomed to good society
  • Ese no es el trato -> that was not the agreement
Sexual intercourse between man and woman.

1 (acuerdo) deal
¡trato hecho! it's a deal!; cerrar un trato to close o clinch a deal; hacer un trato to do a deal; hacer buenos tratos a algn to offer sb advantageous terms
trato comercial business deal
2 (relación)
ya no tengo trato con ella I don't have anything to do with her any more; no quiero trato con él I want nothing to do with him; romper el trato con algn to break off relations with sb
trato carnal trato sexual
tener trato carnal o sexual con algn to have sexual relations with sb
3 tratos (negociaciones) negotiations
entrar en tratos con algn to enter into negotiations o discussions with sb; estar en tratos con algn to be in negotiations with sb; be negotiating with sb
4 (tratamiento) treatment
daba muy mal trato a sus empleados he treated his employees very badly; malos tratos physical abuse
; (s)
malos tratos a menores child abuse
; (s)
trato de favor trato preferente preferential treatment
5 (manera de ser) manner
es una persona de trato agradable he has a pleasant manner; de fácil trato easy to get on with
6 (forma de cortesía)
no sé qué trato darle, si de tú o de usted I don't know whether to address him as "tú" or as "usted"; dar a algn el trato debido to give sb his proper title
7 (México) (puesto) market stall; (negocio) small business

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