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masculine noun
1. treatment (hacia persona, de tema)
2. title, form of address (título)
  • apear el tratamiento a alguien to address somebody more informally
3. treatment (medicine)
  • estoy en tratamiento I'm receiving treatment
4. treatment (agua, sustancia, alimento)
5. processing (computing)
  • tratamiento de datos/textos data/word processing
TRATAMIENTO In Latin America a lot of importance is attached to forms of address, which is hardly surprising in societies with pronounced differences between social classes. In many countries higher education is a privilege still largely restricted to the wealthy few and much significance is attached to university degrees and the titles that go with them. Titles such as “licenciado” (“graduate”, much used in Mexico), “doctor” (used, for example, in Colombia and Uruguay) and “ingeniero” (“engineer”) are used to address people felt to have social standing, sometimes even when they don't actually possess the degree in question. Such titles are also commonly used on business cards and in addresses.
1 [de objeto, material, tema] treatment; [de problema] handling; treatment
2 (Med) treatment
tratamiento ambulatorio out-patient treatment
Siempre enfocados al [tratamiento ambulatorio,] las ponencias del libro contienen estudios sobre infecciones urinarias, diabetes mellitus, enfermedad pulmonar, tratamiento siquiátrico y [enfermedad terminal.]
tratamiento con rayos X X-ray treatment
tratamiento de choque shock treatment
tratamiento médico medical treatment
3 (Informática) processing
tratamiento de datos data processing
tratamiento de gráficos graphics processing
tratamiento de la información information processing
tratamiento de márgenes margin settings
tratamiento de textos word processing
tratamiento por lotes batch processing
4 [de persona] treatment
el tratamiento que recibí the way I was treated; the treatment I received
5 (título) title; style of address; (of address)
dar tratamiento a algn to give sb his full title
apear el tratamiento a algn to drop sb's title; address sb without formality
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