masculine noun
1. fret (Mús)
2. cooking utensil (utensilio de cocina) (Am salvo RP)
  • fregar los trastes -> to wash the dishes
  • dar al traste con algo -> to ruin something
  • irse al traste -> to fall through

traste [trahs’-tay]
1. Fret, a sort or slender strip of metal fastened at intervals in the neck of a guitar, or like instrument, to determine the intervals of the scale. (m)
2. A small glass or cup, kept in wine-cellars for the use of wine-tasters. (Province; Provinicial) (m)
3. (Province; Provinicial) (m)
  • Sin trastes -> without head or tail; in a disorderly manner
  • Dar al traste con los negocios -> (Coll.) to fail, to be unfortunate in business
  • Ir al traste -> to fail

1 (Música) [de guitarra] fret
dar al traste con algo to spoil sth; mess sth up
dar al traste con una fortuna to squander a fortune; dar al traste con los planes to ruin one's plans; esto ha dado al traste con mi paciencia this has exhausted my patience
irse al traste to fall through; be ruined
1 (Latinoamérica)
2 (S. Cone) bottom; backside (familiar)

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